It Was All Apples and Icing

I’ll be the first to admit, the idea for this blog is a little strange. I have always been into fashion and food-my favorite “F” words. But with a recent diagnosis of type 1 diabetes (a somewhat rarity among my fellow twenty-somethings), I drastically altered my eating habits, and in an odd twist, my style.
Having to do injections every time I eat proved difficult in certain clothing. I soon became used to giving myself shots in my legs and hips, but felt embarrassed upon hiking up my skirt and injecting myself, or what I affectionately and inappropriately refer to as “shooting up”.
Yes, I know I should go somewhere private to do this, but I refuse to let my diabetes take over. I don’t want to miss fun conversations or my precious 30-minute lunch break doing painful injections in a solitary corner somewhere away from my friends and the action of my bustling office. I’ve become accustomed to discretely giving myself shots under the table before meals. (My stealthiness is something to be coveted if I do say so myself).
This is when the idea came to me- create a place where I can help other people with my affliction and love for fashion. We shouldn’t have to compromise our integrity, brains, beauty, time and/or meals due to a disease that continues to develop and become more prevalent. Yes, one day I hope for a cure for my messed-up pancreas, but until then, I hope this blog helps people like me, or maybe just some fashionistas looking for new ideas, or low-carb dieters out there looking for a yummy new treat that won’t send you to the hospital. Happy reading.


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