Depth of Field

Howdy folks. Sorry about the lack of content lately, I’ve been crazy busy. Between classes and my internship, I haven’t had a lot of time for personal writing. Anywho, I digress. Today was a rough day.

Amidst the craziness of today’s agenda, I realized something. While I was trekking across campus in the cold and rain, I decided that Life appears similar to the depth of field assignment assigned by my photography professor.

Do you want a narrow depth of field, where you can only see what is right in front of you? Or do you want a wide depth of field, where you can see clearly the whole picture?


I think in life we need to learn how to balance and maintain both of these views. To value the beauty of what is in front of us, as well as what is around us. That might be one of the hardest concepts to conquer. As a college student, I want to have fun with the crazy lovable people around me, while simultaneously making killer grades for my future. I want to make memories with the friends that make me laugh hysterically at 3 AM from sleep deprivation, while applying for internships or jobs. I want to have it all. But isn’t that the very thing that we all want? Love? Friendship? Success? Something to be passionate about?

I guess life will always be about finding the right balance. When to have fun, when to buckle down? These are the questions that go case by case, the verdict will always be out.

As I sit in my dorm room looking out over the Charles River while listening to Vance Joy, and ignoring the loads of work I have to do, I realize that one bad day or one bad week, one bad year, all depends on my perspective. It might just be that Vance Joy is hella deep, and just gets me on another level. Or, it might be that I think too much and just rather sit in my room and write than work on my homework. Whatever the reason, I choose to try have it all.

So happy thoughts to those struggling this week as well, and let me know if you have any ideas or thoughts on the next blog post!



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