Chivalry Is Dead

Long time no blog! My bad, I’ve been wrapped up in all-things internship and classes and friends and being 20 years old in Boston. Throughout my hiatus and endeavors transversing subway lines and dodging deadlines- i’ve managed to accumulate a certain amount of anger towards… well… to be honest, towards certain members of the male species.

Okay, now before you go freaking out and begin writing a hate letter, let me preface by saying I do not hate men. I do not hate all men, In fact, I love men. I hate the lack of respect that passes as human interaction these days.

As featured in many articles, movies, t.v. series, Vlogs, digital shorts, etc., women seem to be suffering the brunt of an uptick of sexual harassment and verbal abuse cases.

Now, not every cat-call warrants the title of sexual harassment, but most of these acts do, and as society accepts them as reality, we slowly transfer this form of harassment into socially acceptable interactions.

I miss the days where I could walk down the street holding hands with my mom and twister (twin sister, obvi) and not feel sexualized or violated by a look.These days, I can’t buy a power bar at the local City Co. without some man asking me to keep him “company” later. No sir, I shall not keep you company. Ladies, I know I am not alone in this. 

My question is, at what point will society realize this behavior is unacceptable? Cat-calls, inappropriate gestures and names- all make women feel smaller and objectified. I do not understand. Have these cat-calls worked in the past? Did you, sir, meet your ex-girlfriend by cat-calling her? Trying to grab her arm as she walks past you? Making eye-contact that turns into a molesting stare? What quality woman dreams of her “Prince Charming” cat-calling her heart away? News flash: NONE.

Here’s another plot-twist for you, these same cat-callers retort with an explanation of “it was just a compliment.” Last time I checked, compliments tend to bolster people, not make them feel preyed upon.

Anyways, I digress… for now.

I hope everyone stays safe and helps with this anti-cat-calling initiative. I know that I plan on having a few choice words for the next less than civil interaction I have walking down the streets of Boston or New York, or really anywhere these days.

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Stay Safe and Classy Boston.



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