Gallivanting Around L-Town


A snap I took whilst on a stroll through London(town)

Traveling is exhausting, especially when you’re lugging around 2 suitcases, a backpack, and a 20 pound bag full of six months worth of diabetes supplies. Someone get me a drink…pronto.

Okay, now that I finally had my first completely legal drink (in London no less!) I can sit back on my “bed,” (thanks BU, I clearly see where my massive tuition is going) and fight off the encroaching jet lag. That being said, I managed to get by with only a 30 minute nap within the last 24 hours or so. Let’s just say that I am feeling pretty delirious at this point, so this post will be quite short.

London is great so far. The people are sassy, the city exudes a liveliness unrivaled by any of its American counterparts- the people do not ooze with desire to outshine one another, they do not seem to care what the other manages to accomplish in a short amount of time, nor do they even seem to care if someone does better than them in certain games or jokes.

Londoners do not seem to care about competition (in the specific sense of the word, like work-wise), but rather they seem content walking the streets after a pint or two, laughing and making completely inappropriate but satisfying (in my opinion, I love a good shocking joke) one-liners.

While this marks my 14th hour in this stunning city, I feel like I know this place, aside from the fact that I visited for a few days ten years ago. I cannot wait to meet new people, live, laugh and overall enjoy my time abroad.

Look forward to some more posts as I explore the Eastern Hemisphere.


~Stay classy (and posh)~


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