All Over the Map (Travels and Blood Sugar Alike)


Nice, France

Bonjour from the South of France peeps. This place is beautiful, let me tell you–between the miles of ocean and color of the buildings in the city, to the decadent Italian-meets-French food, Nice has captured my heart, and blood sugar monitor.

But seriously, this place is amazing and a must-see on anyone’s bucket list of places to visit. However, visitor be warned, this is a romantic place. I know, most of France resembles some level of romance, but being here with my twin sister (twister, if you will) is hilarious. I guess the main plus to navigating the rocky beaches and steep hills with my twister is that my snarky/bitter/hopefully-witty comments are not lost on her. That, or she does a really good job of pretending to like my jokes. Sister love aside, (EL OH EL we fight all of the time, like we just fought an hour ago and probably the hour before that and basically we fight in our sleep, but it comes from such a loving place. Ugh I have the best family) Nice is, well… magnifique.

Of course, the omnipresent diabetes managed to creep in like a dark cloud over the last few days. Having to monitor what I eat so closely irritates me, especially whilst abroad. That being said, I have clearly been letting that slide (if my snapchats weren’t a giveaway to all of my snap-friends).

It’s a bummer having to consider and calculate/estimate the carbohydrates in everything I put into my body. Even more than that, that feeling, a pang of failure when I inevitably mess something up by giving myself the wrong estimated dose, and either have to binge to bring my sugar up, or drink more water than Sea-biscuit post race to try to dilute whatever mess I just ate (odds are, I enjoyed every bite). I digress. Diabetes sucks, this is no news to you or me, but sometimes a nice little rant can help anyone breathe a little easier after the whirlwind of pentup frustration tumbles out like when I opened my over-stuffed carry-on suitcase a few days ago. No idea how I fit everything in there. In fact, I’m not entirely sure everything will go back in. Any who, these are my late night thoughts.

As I sit here, a pump on either hip–feeling completely bionic, I just keep reminding myself that at least I have access to this technology, medication, medical attention, loving family and friends who make the days brighter and the ups and downs of diabetes a little more manageable. So, while I curse myself internally for deciding to give myself bionic hips instead of just putting my other pump on my arm (I refuse to give up my sleeveless tops!) I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to lay down tonight. This should be interesting. Oh well, at least I’m in Nice and heading to Monaco for the day tomorrow! Always a bright side people!

Lookout for a returning home post next week! My days abroad are numbered, and while I can’t wait to return home and see the people that mean the most to me, I have to say Europe, specifically London (yeah I consider it Europe as does the EU, sue me people!) added a piece to my heart that can never be changed or broken or tainted, forever cementing this amazing experience to my memory.

Wow I talk a lot.

Stay classy and don’t forget your sunscreen ladies and gents! (Lol, do boys even read this blog?)



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