Sisters Do as Sisters Should

Okay, so I know it’s been basically forever and a day since I last posted, but I keep trying to organize another photo shoot and life keeps getting in the way. Alas, I guess that’s just the real world these days. Any-who, as a testament to the level of busy that I somehow managed to achieve this semester, I decided to catch yall up on my life with one short sweet post. Not to say that my life is exceptionally interesting–because it really is not el oh el, but hey, who knows, maybe someone can relate?

I spent my weekend visiting my older sister in the Big Apple, NYC, you know, where dreams are made. Anyways, I went with the main purpose of my bi-yearly Diabetic check up (which I passed with flying colors, thank you thank you *does the Queen’s wave*) and spent the rest of the weekend gallivanting around town with my older sister. While standing in the freezing autumn air in Central Park East, I soaked in the scene and wondered how a city so overpopulated and buzzing with thousands on thousands of people, all living on top of one another, could seem so still and serene in an area that people have successfully fought to preserve.

Anyways, as that is basically all I’ve been up to, well that and so. much. homework. Now please enjoy some random pictures I took while in the City.

Stay classy, sassy, beautiful and toasty


P.S. Shoutout to Claire K for getting the title’s reference!





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