Patriots Day Revisited

Do you remember what you were doing Monday, April 15, 2013 at 3 PM? I do.

I’m sure plenty of you know what this post is about from the title alone, but for those unaware of the events on the day that changed so many people’s lives, that was the day of the Boston Marathon bombings. An event smaller in size than September 11, but equally disheartening and painful to the families of the four killed in the attack and subsequent events. You may be wondering why I’m broaching the subject now, at a random time of the year. Well ladies and gents, the time has come for a movie to be made on the subject, and I got to see an early screening of it thanks to a friend with the hook-up (thanks Deana!).
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Boston’s Calling

Hi, hello, howdy- It has been forever and a day since I’ve posted. My apologies. I’ve been busy with work (shameless plug for my shoe and denim articles) and sleep… because that’s really all I’ve had time for, despite my recent trip back to Boston.

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Let the Future Commence(ment)

Wow. Holy moly. Where did the time go? Like honestly, it’s been forever and a day since I posted–my apologies. I was busy finishing college and all of the fun things associated with that (minus finals, because I’m #blessed). Now, I am sitting here looking out of my window at the sun setting on the Charles River wondering where the time went, and where that version of me would be now without these last four years?


The view from my window right now.

When did these last four years go by? Where did the time go? With graduation looming over the course of next weekend (Friday and Sunday, hollah) I am really starting to feel some type of way.

I decorated my cap, picked up my gown, and started realizing the familiar feeling of being on the brink. You know, that feeling when you know your life is about to be completely different? As Lady Gaga put it, the edge of glory?

I have only felt that feeling once before, when I graduated high school and moved 1,200 miles away from my friends and family. The people that loved and cared for me, and I them.

But hey, I moved to Boston, made some friends with some okay peeps, and here I am four years later, graduating with memories and that freshman 15, and a world of knowledge that my parents gave me through paving my way to BU.

So, as the last week of my college career starts with the sun rise tomorrow, I’ll be sure to appreciate each and every day with these crazy kids I call my best friends, and every minute of that amazing view. I mean, come on, when am I ever going to be able to afford a place with a view like that post-grad? el oh el. What is the future?

Stay tuned for a post-grad update in a week or two.


Stay classy, sassy and educated you beautiful people.


Sunset Shoots

DSC_2554Hey there friends. My friend Cara (you know, the one with the amazing photography skills who deigns to hangout with me?) and I did a sunset photoshoot last weekend after I got back from my friend Emily’s wedding (which was gorgeous! Congrats Emily and Peter xx).

As graduation gets closer and closer (less than a month now people, el oh el) I find myself looking at Boston in new and different ways. What better way to see the city than at sunset? Okay, so maybe that was Cara’s idea, but hey, I went along for the ride.

Boston is one of those cities that surprises you with its beauty. Sure, the Charles is gorgeous and the Common is incomparable, but the buildings and architecture grow on you. They show you new ways of looking at things, different planes and new ideas spring from behind the buildings as if to welcome all to the bustling city.

With that in mind, I hope you enjoy this sunset shoot, and the uncomfortable amount of soft smiles.


Jacket: Forever 21

Blouse: Nordstrom RackDSC_2471Tank: Target

Jeans: Joe Fresh

Clutch: Rachel ZoeDSC_2453DSC_2433DSC_2264DSC_2485DSC_2571

Jacket: Nordstrom RackDSC_2578

I love jackets with fun linings–It’s all in the details.DSC_2655

Well I hope you enjoyed! Stay tuned for another post in the next week or two.

Stay cool, classy and sassy people!


Back to School

Well… I’m back in Boston for my last school year as an undergrad at Boston University. Needless to say, let the panic commence. While my peers spent yesterday prepping their books and notepads while simultaneously color coding their upcoming schedule/calendar (no? just me?) I spent the hot afternoon modeling some of my favorite back to school inspired outfits while my amazingly talented friend Cara snapped some pics (you can check out her insane work/website here) and got me giggling- because those of you who know me can attest to my innate awkwardness in front of a camera. Must be the journalist in me- el oh el.

Anywho, please sit back and enjoy these photos that were in all truth a labor of love from a good friend and an even better photographer, and feel free to laugh at me (lord knows I am still laughing at some of these).

Outfit #1 is for the hot climate kids, or really anyone wanting to show a little leg in class.


Shorts and Top: H&M

Sandals: Joe Fresh

Sunnies: Free People

Expression: This is real this is me.

For the cold classes, or perhaps feeling a tad bit demure, throw on an oversized sheer sweater (like this one I “borrowed” from a good friend- sorry Linds).


Close up of the shorts/my manicure:


Styling Backpack/short hair don’t care (kind of care tbh): Steve Madden


Outfit #2 is an ode to boyfriend/girlfriend jeans (this is 2015 people):


Top: JCrew Outlet

Jeans: H&M

Necklace: JCrew (thanks becca!)

tip: for the right boyfriend/girlfriend jean, go for one with not too many holes/patchwork holes, that way you can wear them year round/get your $$ worth. Also, be careful with the wash- too light looks like you stole your dad’s jeans circa 2001/Adam Sandler called and he wants his jeans back.

DSC_3891 DSC_3946

Let senior year begin! I wish you all the best and hope this year is a great one. Please scroll down to watch the slide show of all of the other winning pics Cara took, and don’t forget to check out her website. Please comment below with thoughts/ideas on upcoming posts.

Stay classy, sassy and bright peeps.


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