Let the Future Commence(ment)

Wow. Holy moly. Where did the time go? Like honestly, it’s been forever and a day since I posted–my apologies. I was busy finishing college and all of the fun things associated with that (minus finals, because I’m #blessed). Now, I am sitting here looking out of my window at the sun setting on the Charles River wondering where the time went, and where that version of me would be now without these last four years?


The view from my window right now.

When did these last four years go by? Where did the time go? With graduation looming over the course of next weekend (Friday and Sunday, hollah) I am really starting to feel some type of way.

I decorated my cap, picked up my gown, and started realizing the familiar feeling of being on the brink. You know, that feeling when you know your life is about to be completely different? As Lady Gaga put it, the edge of glory?

I have only felt that feeling once before, when I graduated high school and moved 1,200 miles away from my friends and family. The people that loved and cared for me, and I them.

But hey, I moved to Boston, made some friends with some okay peeps, and here I am four years later, graduating with memories and that freshman 15, and a world of knowledge that my parents gave me through paving my way to BU.

So, as the last week of my college career starts with the sun rise tomorrow, I’ll be sure to appreciate each and every day with these crazy kids I call my best friends, and every minute of that amazing view. I mean, come on, when am I ever going to be able to afford a place with a view like that post-grad? el oh el. What is the future?

Stay tuned for a post-grad update in a week or two.


Stay classy, sassy and educated you beautiful people.



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