Let the Future Commence(ment)

Wow. Holy moly. Where did the time go? Like honestly, it’s been forever and a day since I posted–my apologies. I was busy finishing college and all of the fun things associated with that (minus finals, because I’m #blessed). Now, I am sitting here looking out of my window at the sun setting on the Charles River wondering where the time went, and where that version of me would be now without these last four years?


The view from my window right now.

When did these last four years go by? Where did the time go? With graduation looming over the course of next weekend (Friday and Sunday, hollah) I am really starting to feel some type of way.

I decorated my cap, picked up my gown, and started realizing the familiar feeling of being on the brink. You know, that feeling when you know your life is about to be completely different? As Lady Gaga put it, the edge of glory?

I have only felt that feeling once before, when I graduated high school and moved 1,200 miles away from my friends and family. The people that loved and cared for me, and I them.

But hey, I moved to Boston, made some friends with some okay peeps, and here I am four years later, graduating with memories and that freshman 15, and a world of knowledge that my parents gave me through paving my way to BU.

So, as the last week of my college career starts with the sun rise tomorrow, I’ll be sure to appreciate each and every day with these crazy kids I call my best friends, and every minute of that amazing view. I mean, come on, when am I ever going to be able to afford a place with a view like that post-grad? el oh el. What is the future?

Stay tuned for a post-grad update in a week or two.


Stay classy, sassy and educated you beautiful people.



Another Year Older


Ma Ladies

Hello, howdy, long time no talk. Since we last spoke (or since you’ve last read) I turned 22, had quite a few up and downs in my blood sugar and realized I should probably start looking for a job for after graduation. Because as I keep saying in these posts (probably more in an effort to convince myself than to remind you) graduation is coming up. But, like, it’s really happening.

Last week we had a “100 days until graduation party” (despite the fact that it was actually 87 days until graduation, el oh el- I’m assuming it had something to do more with nailing down the venue and less with Boston University’s inability to count) and it really hit me. And I don’t mean the frat bros spilling beer everywhere I turned, but hit me in more of a metaphorical, where did the time go, sense.

Anyways, I digress on the whole graduation front [for now].

After a birthday celebration with some of my friends Friday night, I learned first hand how much alcohol affects blood sugar the next day. Okay, so obviously I’ve already experienced the post-drinking lows, but nothing to this magnitude.

After waking up with a relatively low number, and a relatively horrible hangover, I spent the day in bed until I ventured out to meet a friend, and afterwards walked along the Esplanade. For all of you non-Bostonians, the Esplanade wraps around the Charles River and is gorgeous. Anyways, Saturday’s temperature rose to a boiling 55 degrees in Boston,  in mid/late February. I find this disturbing, but that’s a post for another time.

I walked entirely too much in the beautiful warm(ish) winter air, and experienced a low. This time, however, my Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) was/is a month expired (unbeknownst to me) and therefore extremely less accurate in its readings. After figuring this out, and chugging a bottle of orange juice like it was my job, I had to make a stop at my friend’s apartment before proceeding the next block to mine. What is life?

This May marks both graduation and the two year anniversary of my Type 1 diagnosis.

If you had asked me five years ago if I thought type 1 diabetes was in my future, I would have turned an even paler shade of white, let out a nervous giggle, and said hell no.

I never would have thought that this is where I’d be at 22, chugging orange juice and resting after a long walk, probably looking worse for wear and closer to 82 than my young age.

My friends often ask me how I do it. I know i’ve said this a few times, but that question always makes me think. Because to me, life isn’t about “doing it,” but more about the journey. I need to find who I am while I’m still young, before I find myself looking a mirror in 30 years wondering where the time went, and when I lost myself along the way.

Do I want to be known for my disease? As the diabetic girl? No. But for better or worse, and let’s be honest, it’s a disease so it’s mostly been for worse, this is a part of me now. But here I am, calloused fingers and all, and I think I’m finally becoming okay with it.


Apps and Naps


My body’s reaction to my final semester of college      PC: Cara Difabio

Oh hey, hello there. It’s me. I hope everyone had the best holiday and is staying warm wherever the new year may have taken you.

As I begin to think about packing (yes, I go back to Boston Sunday) for my last semester in Boston, it dawns on me that A. I am procrastinating and 2. These are my last days home as an undergraduate (commence panic attack). While I spend these last few days home alternating between job applications and napping, I realize that more or less, the only thing standing between me and my diploma is four months and three classes.


I remember trying to decide what colleges to apply to, and whether early decision was the right choice for me (I knew I wanted to go to BU right away, and luckily I got in ED). I realized a few weeks ago that my future has been planned out for me from birth.

Okay, not in the dramatic way where my parents decided who I would marry, where I would live or anything like that. But rather, I knew what was expected of me from the moment my twin sister and I stepped foot on the hallowed ground of our elite private school at the ripe age of 11.

My parents worked hard to make sure my sisters and I understood that things in life did not come easy, that despite our comfortable lives, hard work remained a necessity.

My grandparents, on both sides of the family tree, worked hard to build lives for themselves. I feel #blessed to have such great role models in my life. Don’t get me wrong, much to my parents chagrin I somehow still feel that I know the answer to everything despite my young 21-years. Go figure.

I never questioned if I would finish high school and attend college. I never wondered if I would get a Bachelor’s degree, or an Associate’s. The future always held positivity. Not necessarily in the up-beat definition, but rather in the factual way. I just knew. I knew I would go to college. I knew I would go for four years. I knew my parents would be proud no matter what, but I also knew that I craved… knowledge.

Here I am, four years later, and I realize that all of this is about to change. I no longer know what the future holds. I know where I’d like to live, what I’d like to do (and put my education and tuition to good use). The real question lies in what will happen.

This stage of my life is all about… well, about‘s. I can tell I am on the brink, the cusp, the edge of glory if you will, of something. Something big. A change- graduation?

So, while my friends shy away from the g-word, I cling to my visceral reaction because I know it is not quite here yet. I know that I have some time, a few more months to understand that this isn’t the end, but just the beginning. An end of a chapter, but still in the first few pages in the book that makes up my life… so to speak. Wow could I be anymore cliche?

Well, that’s enough about that. Expect another post sometime next week from Boston!

Stay classy, sassy and warm, beautiful peeps!