Apps and Naps


My body’s reaction to my final semester of college      PC: Cara Difabio

Oh hey, hello there. It’s me. I hope everyone had the best holiday and is staying warm wherever the new year may have taken you.

As I begin to think about packing (yes, I go back to Boston Sunday) for my last semester in Boston, it dawns on me that A. I am procrastinating and 2. These are my last days home as an undergraduate (commence panic attack). While I spend these last few days home alternating between job applications and napping, I realize that more or less, the only thing standing between me and my diploma is four months and three classes.


I remember trying to decide what colleges to apply to, and whether early decision was the right choice for me (I knew I wanted to go to BU right away, and luckily I got in ED). I realized a few weeks ago that my future has been planned out for me from birth.

Okay, not in the dramatic way where my parents decided who I would marry, where I would live or anything like that. But rather, I knew what was expected of me from the moment my twin sister and I stepped foot on the hallowed ground of our elite private school at the ripe age of 11.

My parents worked hard to make sure my sisters and I understood that things in life did not come easy, that despite our comfortable lives, hard work remained a necessity.

My grandparents, on both sides of the family tree, worked hard to build lives for themselves. I feel #blessed to have such great role models in my life. Don’t get me wrong, much to my parents chagrin I somehow still feel that I know the answer to everything despite my young 21-years. Go figure.

I never questioned if I would finish high school and attend college. I never wondered if I would get a Bachelor’s degree, or an Associate’s. The future always held positivity. Not necessarily in the up-beat definition, but rather in the factual way. I just knew. I knew I would go to college. I knew I would go for four years. I knew my parents would be proud no matter what, but I also knew that I craved… knowledge.

Here I am, four years later, and I realize that all of this is about to change. I no longer know what the future holds. I know where I’d like to live, what I’d like to do (and put my education and tuition to good use). The real question lies in what will happen.

This stage of my life is all about… well, about‘s. I can tell I am on the brink, the cusp, the edge of glory if you will, of something. Something big. A change- graduation?

So, while my friends shy away from the g-word, I cling to my visceral reaction because I know it is not quite here yet. I know that I have some time, a few more months to understand that this isn’t the end, but just the beginning. An end of a chapter, but still in the first few pages in the book that makes up my life… so to speak. Wow could I be anymore cliche?

Well, that’s enough about that. Expect another post sometime next week from Boston!

Stay classy, sassy and warm, beautiful peeps!



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