Peace and Blessings (PC: Cara Difabio, obvi)

Hey, hello, hi. So… I’ve been insanely busy being a senior in college (internally and externally cringing at that last sentence) and haven’t had much time to write a post. So, my apologies.

This post will be short and (not so) sweet, as I sit here writing while watching Grease Live on Fox . Danny and Sandy forever.

Any who, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about gender roles (here’s to looking at all of the politically correct friends of mine), and how women are depicted and treated in society. Why, you may ask? Because my friends and I were recently chatting about all of our less than pleasant encounters out on the town. Okay, so more like drunk men feeling like it is perfectly acceptable to grab women unsolicited, and even compliment them on certain body parts.

Since when is it okay to “compliment” a stranger on their chest or bottom? (el oh el I said bottom. I seldom say bottom, but I didn’t quite know how casual to be here to be honest).

I should think never. Like, literally, I cannot think of one instance where that remark would be welcome. Not only is it disrespectful, it is creepy and uncomfortable. I hope that over the next few years we can realize the error in these behaviors.

Personally, I rather be complimented on my brain, quick-wit, ability to put away a hamburger or read ten books in two weeks. There are so many aspects to a woman. Many of which have nothing to do with the way she looks.

So, next time you feel the sudden urge to make a remark that you know doesn’t feel right (here’s to looking at you random sketchy middle-aged man), here’s a wild thought: just don’t. Don’t say it, don’t act on it, hell, try not to even think it. I can guarantee you that it won’t be one of those moments you look back on and regret.

Okay, enough of the ranting–for now, el oh el. Like I said, short and (not so) sweet.

Some exciting news coming up on the next post, which hopefully will be within the next week!

Stay classy, sassy and beautiful people!



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