Florida Fashion: Lauren Miley


Every state has a different take on winter style. As a Florida born gal, (why did I just say gal?) growing up in the *freezing* 50 degree winters, I thought I knew how to dress for the cold.

I moved to Boston 18 years later, and basically froze (my heart- jk lol, my hair, you name it, I froze it). But for those of you reading this blog in Florida, I thought, hey I have friends who are cute and keep it fresh down here below the Mason Dixon Line, where our cold fronts consist of a shivery 55 degrees.

Enter my friend Lauren, a 22-year-old senior at Florida Southern College, nicknamed ‘Smilez’ because of her last name… and her, well, smiling.

While Lauren was born in Illinois, she’s lived in the Sunshine State for the last six years. After Lauren raked in some Christmas clothing goodies, we decided a photo shoot was in order.

Please sit back with some hot coco if you’re up North, and some sunscreen if you’re in Florida, and enjoy these sunny pics I took of one of my best friends at Mandarin Park in good old Jacksonville, Florida.

And no, we did not intend this photo shoot to be a Ray Ban add, just a happy bonus.


Jacket: Stein Mart

Jeans: Target

Tank: J Crew

Booties & Necklace: Express

Sunnies: Ray Ban

IMG_2672 (1)IMG_2794IMG_2716


Smiles for days

IMG_2841 (1)

Hope you enjoyed this post and random array of pics.

Stay classy, sassy and beautiful people!



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