Nobody Likes You When You’re 23?

Hi there trusty followers, friends and fam–sorry it’s been forever and a day since my last post… but it’s a big bad busy world out there. This post is almost as short as Ariella and as sweet as Jen. (Note: Ariella approved of that sentence before publication)

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Too Hot To Trot

Hi, hello there. If I close my eyes and imagine hell, it would be the 6 train in New York City without AC. Have you ever been on a subway car in the underbelly of Manhattan with no AC, surrounded by sweating passengers and even more people who probably haven’t taken a shower since Bush (Senior) was President?

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Puerto Rican Seas and New York Minutes

Hi hello how are ya? So, obviously it’s been an extremely long time. My only excuse this time around is that I’ve been doing a bit of traveling recently. Two weeks ago my friends and I ventured to San Juan, Puerto Rico for spring break.

Despite some struggles with the hotel and their staff (el oh el that’s a saga for a different time), the overall trip was amazing, and Puerto Rico is beautiful.


Condado, San Juan, Puerto Rico

After that excursion, and some classes in between (I haven’t graduated yet after all,) my roommate and I decided to take a trip to NYC. Obviously we felt a Central Park photoshoot was in order. So, please enjoy her craziness as much as I enjoyed capturing it, and some glimpses of the city in between.

Styled by: yours truly.



v Vogue v model.



And a slideshow of some more beauty that is my best friend.

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Hope you enjoyed this short [and hopefully sweet] post. Happy St. Patty’s weekend!

Stay sassy, classy and beautiful, peeps.