Nobody Likes You When You’re 23?

Hi there trusty followers, friends and fam–sorry it’s been forever and a day since my last post… but it’s a big bad busy world out there. This post is almost as short as Ariella and as sweet as Jen. (Note: Ariella approved of that sentence before publication)

Anywho, this Tuesday (okay all week) my lovely twister Laura and I celebrated our 23rd birthday. Filled with food, fun, family and friends, the birthday weekend wouldn’t have been complete without a friend photo shoot.

Even though nobody likes you when you’re 23 (as per Blink 182 for those who don’t get the reference), I hope you like these pics of us frolicking around the concrete jungle.



Peep the jean jacket I’m wearing… shout out to BPD Washhouse where they helped me take an oversized men’s dark-wash jacket, acid and stone wash it to create this vintage-vibe look. And thanks to my elementary ability to paint flowers making this look [almost] as random and quirky as me.


Jen’s sunnies are a la Diff Eye WearIMG_5612.jpg

Ariella’s shades: Lucky. All other shade: her own personality. img_5642

My sunnies: Free People.

Stay tuned for some diabetes posts and exciting new projects in the next few weeks.

Stay classy, sassy and beautiful, peeps!



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