Too Hot To Trot

Hi, hello there. If I close my eyes and imagine hell, it would be the 6 train in New York City without AC. Have you ever been on a subway car in the underbelly of Manhattan with no AC, surrounded by sweating passengers and even more people who probably haven’t taken a shower since Bush (Senior) was President?

10/10 would NOT recommend. But, I digress.

This past weekend my sista friend Cara, (you know, the one that makes me look really cool and pretty in photos) came to visit. We frolicked and danced our hearts out Saturday night, while managing to rally and squeeze in a mini photoshoot the next day.

Here are some of the photos she took–she makes me look 10x cooler than I am. Take a gander at some of her other work on her website.

Please enjoy the pics and my awkwardness!


Shirt: Joe Fresh

Shorts: JC Penny


Smiling because what’s a job? #amiright

Sunnies: Free People

Earrings: BaubleBar DSC_4472DSC_4470

Shoes: H&M

Bag: Nordstrom Rack


Flip my hur at da h8rs

Hair: Suave and sunshine

I hope you enjoyed this short and sweet piece as much as I enjoyed having my fav paparazzi in town.

Look out for another post next week–probably concerning the shenanigans my twister (twin sister) and I get into in the city.

Stay classy, sassy and cool you beautiful people.


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