Understanding Lows

Hey there trusty followers. How has this week been treating you? Oh, right… you can’t really answer me. Oh wait, yes you can! (ehem… the comments section… ehem).

Today’s post is another rant mixed with my attempt to educate the masses on #diabetethis (aka Diabetes, no rant on the hashtag–love the hashtag).

The whole world of type 1 Diabetes still seems new to me. Yes, I was diagnosed over two years ago, and yes I have learned an inordinate amount in a short time.I am confident in that I am able to understand things about my body I previously had no knowledge of. (like who knew that the brain focusses on alcohol consumption in the liver instead of sugars influencing the pancreas when your drunk? I sure as hell didn’t). 

There are so many things out of my control. One thing that is in my control is the amount of alcohol and sugar I consume. Sometimes the two coincide, and I am in for a wild night. No, not fun-wise… but more like the rollercoaster that becomes my blood sugar.

Lows happen for a variety of reasons:

1.Exercise causes faster absorption of insulin already in my system through an insulin pump or shot

2. Alcohol (and not eating, or a mixture with exercise, or just because)

3. Misjudging how many carbs are in a particular food.

4. Because you’re “honeymooning” and your pancreas puts out its last bit of insulin throwing you off for the lols.

5. Miscellaneous other reasons

There are so many ways to go wrong, and not nearly enough room for mistakes. One low blood sugar can kill you, whereas a series of high blood sugars can cause serious damage. At least in one scenario you have time on your side, an ability to right your wrongs to a certain extent.

I know, it’s frightening. But #blessed that there are technologies around to help catch those lows so you can stop them, and stop the flow of insulin from your pump so you do not continue to drop.

I know this is all terribly morbid. It’s unpleasant and scary. It’s honestly unfair. But, there are worse things, worse situations, and better days ahead, right? right.

So, instead of sitting here and continuing to wine about my frustrations and aggravations concerning a disease I have very little control over, perhaps my time is better spent watching this Harry Potter marathon on Freeform, working on prep for a future career, and having dinner with my sisters that finally all live in the same area code.


Here’s a pic of me lolling because life… PC: Cara Difabio

P.S. Still loling because Freeform retweeted my tweet on #HappyBirthdayHarryPotter so basically dreams come true. Feel free to follow my incoherent tweets via the link to the right of this post. Just saying.

Stay classy, sassy and cool people!




4 thoughts on “Understanding Lows

  1. Tartine says:

    Hey you’re awesome, don’t change, HAGS!!! Lolz

    (On a more serious note, I admire your strength and your writing is wonderful and thx for using my pics hehe)


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