Winner Winner, Lumineers and Dinner

Hi, hello there. This post is yet another short and sweet one–much like my attention span while Masterpiece Classic is on (yes, I acknowledge that I am 22 going on 80, but this is real this is me).

First off, here’s a random picture I took yesterday of the Flatiron building, because it’s beautiful and I finally remembered to bring my camera with me while galavanting around town.

IMG_4837 (1)

On a completely different note, the twister (Laura) and I got to do something cool on Tuesday.

Shout out to PBS and their amazing programs (still watching Masterpiece Classic) more specifically, The Artists Den. After the Lumineers tweeted out a link to the Artists Den’s raffle and I entered, the people from the Artists Den somehow chose me (and probably around 700 other people and their +1’s) as an attendee for the taping of the special.

We all had the privilege/honor/fangirl-inducing-experience of attending the concert in Brooklyn. Not the show in Prospect Park (although I did have intentions of standing outside and listening to them play–this is the level of fandom that I reached after years of listening to their music. Also, if you haven’t listened to their latest album, Cleopatra, do yourself a favor and become enlightened).

The concert took place at the Kings Theatre in Brooklyn, an amazingly beautiful antique-looking theatre with an air of mystery perfect for the secrecy surrounding the performance. Concert attendees were urged to not take any photos or share the location of the concert during the event. Since I am not the litigious type… do not expect any photos from the actual live concert until after the special airs in October.

I know, a bit of a wait, but def worth watching. Spoiler alert: the couple in front of me had such hipster dance moves that I kid you not the man was pretending his hands were tambourines and shaking them accordingly, while the woman swayed her hips and hands almost, painstakingly close… but not quite, to the beat.

Any who, the concert verged on a religious experience with the amazing acoustics and magical setting of the Kings theatre–not to mention the amazing voice and instruments (cello, guitars, banjo and the classic accordion to name a few) played by the band members.


Post-concert at the Kings Theater

10/10 would recommend. Also, who doesn’t love free things? Not this unemployed gal, that’s for sure.

I hope you enjoyed this impromptu concert review.

Stay tuned for some guest posts by my talented friends in the next weeks, and some more from yours truly in the coming days.

Stay classy, sassy and musically relevant you beautiful people!




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