Guest Post: Ariella’s Fav Liquid Lipsticks

A little background before this post: Ariella is one of my best and oldest friends (despite my attempts to ghost her–jk ily 5 eva) and I am #blessed to have a friend like her. She’s sassier than me (if you can believe it) and equally obsessed with all things fashion and beauty.

For these reasons, with a mix of my busy interviewing schedule and light bulb moment that y’all are probably sick of hearing my own voice, I asked Ariella to write a post sharing her favorite liquid lipsticks. We are both obsessed with lipstick. Anyone who knows me can attest to the fact that I seldom leave the house without a shade splattered across my pout, Ariella is the same way.

So please enjoy this guest post–something that will continue as I have extremely talented friends. Feel free to reach out if you’d like to contribute/ have something to say!




IMG_4322 (1)

I’m a lip color fiend. Cleaning out my apartment last week, I found no less than 35 lipsticks, chapsticks, glosses, balms and salves.

Luckily, it wasn’t hard to decide what to keep. I’m so into a bold matte lip right now. (I mean, isn’t everyone?) But not all Kylie Cosmetics knockoffs are created equal.

Revlon’s matte lip color is thick, smells like sweet strawberries and is under $10. The wand is flat and the color goes on shiny. It takes (an excessive) 10-15 minutes to dry completely matte. On the upside, it’s the least drying of all the mattes I’ve tried and it’s super long-lasting. You can down a latte and a croissant in “Love”, the cherry red, and not even have to worry about reapplying. I also like “Seduction” which is a natural, of-the-moment nude-pink.


Photos courtesy of Ariella.

NYX offers every color under the sun for less than $6. I have three: Rome, Copenhagen and Dubai. Rome, a rich, sophisticated mauve is my favorite. The color goes on easily with a traditional wand and dries in a few seconds.


The downside is the color is drying and wears off pretty easily. Your pout will not survive a cup of chai, let alone a whole day at the office. But with the number of choices at that price point you really can’t beat it.
Whichever matte you choose, you’re sure to look extra glam.



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