Hair How-To, by Ariella

What better way to start off the new year than by reading a guest post by Ariella. You may recognize her from her many bouts on TMI, because she’s one of my oldest most fabulous, fashionable, fierce(ly annoying el oh el jk) friends. I asked her to do a guest post, and she chose to divulge some secrets about her hair–arguably one of her most fab features. All photos by moi.

Check out her post below, and check back next week for a post from me.

Stay classy, sassy and beautiful peeps.


My hair has always been an experiment. A well-cared-for experiment.

I started dying it different shades of blonde when I was in high school. After a few years of at-home ombré kits gone awry, I chopped of my peanut-butter-cup locks and spent over a year returning to my roots.

After this year of rest I started dyeing it again, beginning with subtle blonde highlights. It looked gorgeous. I wanted more.

In May I added more chunky caramel highlights and bleached pieces for a balayage effect. It looked stunning worn straight and even better curled. A very summery look.


So, of course, six months later I wanted a change. I really wanted to go “Kardashian dark” but after careful consideration with a number of girlfriends I settled on a slightly lighter and warmer “Bella Hadid dark.”

I love the wintery chocolate color with hints of red. It’s professional but also a little funky.


Here’s how I cared for my blonde highlights:

Pantene Repair and Protect shampoo (This is classic and awesome. I typically wash my hair every other day and have been using this with and without color for years.)

Pureology platinum conditioner (I love love love this conditioner and would recommend it to anyone with blonde hair or highlights. I used to have a problem with color fading or turning coppery, but this kept it good as new for months. However, it’s pricey and I recommend waiting for a 20% off Ulta coupon.)

And how I care for my dark brown color:


Pantene Repair and Protect shampoo

Nexxus color assure conditioner (This smells great and is free of sulfates, which make hair sudsy and strip it clean as a result; see below.)

img_4400Aveda Be Curly co-wash (I occasionally use this sulfate-free shampoo, which only leaves your hair looking clean — i.e. not greasy — for about a day. Sad, because sulfate-freeshampoos are great for people with single-process color. Basically, I won’t use it if I’ve exercised before I wash my hair because it doesn’t clean very well.)

Always styled with Hot Tools 1 ¼-inch curling iron and Organix Moroccan oil spray.

To curl my hair, I start with the bottom layer, and put the top part in a bun. (To divide these sections, I trace a line from my temples back and put that top part in a bun.) Then I take pieces about and inch wide and curl away from my face for a natural look. I do the left side then the right side. Then tie the curled bottom layer back in a hair tie. Then I take out the top bun, part my hair and repeat. I finish by taking out the ponytail, fluffing it up and spraying it with Moroccan oil.dsc_0037


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