Gabriella’s 5 Favorite Places in Paris

Hi there folks. During such stressful times in the US–what better way to take your mind off of the President-elect than with a roundup of the lovely Gabriella’s five fav places to go in Paris from her time abroad? The beautiful and kind gal is now Stateside, basking in Dunkin Donuts and all things American. So, peruse her Parisian pleasures and find some inspo fun for your next vacay. 

Also, stay tuned for a post from yours truly sometime next week. And as always, be sure to check out some my day-job and love Vamp and Rivet for daily doses of denim and shoes. I mean, who doesn’t love shoes?!

Stay classy, sassy and beautiful peeps!


I had the most breathtaking, wonderful experience spending the past four months studying abroad in Paris and trying my best to live everyday to the absolute fullest in the most beautiful city on earth. Here are some of my favorite local spots, my créme de la créme of Paris, and the places where I spent most of my time during my semester in the city of light!

Screen Shot 2017-01-12 at 8.01.22 PM.png

1. Centre Pompidou

For all art lovers & museum goers, Paris is the perfect place for you. After trekking to see the Mona Lisa at the forever crowded Louvre, the Centre Pompidou is a little less known, less crowded and still has an incredible modern and contemporary art collection—not to mention a really awesome view of Paris from the top! The entire building is made of different colored pipes and escalators and has an awesome bookstore, café and library too!

2. Montmartre & the Sacre Coeur

Montmartre was one of my absolute favorite neighborhoods in Paris, and the perfect place to spend a Saturday afternoon. Stumble across the Place du Tetre, also known as the Artist’s Square where hundreds of artists sketch, paint, draw, and create outside on any given day that you can buy! My boyfriend and I had our silhouettes done and now have an awesome keepsake of our time in Paris together. Grab a chocolat chaud and people watch in the square, do some shopping at the unique shops, or get lost in the art galleries and gaze up at the gorgeous Sacre Coeur basilica right in the middle of the neighborhood. 

screen-shot-2017-01-12-at-8-04-11-pm3. St-Germain-des Prés

St. Germain was one of my favorite neighborhoods in Paris to go for a stroll. It’s incredibly chic and full of cafes and boutiques. One of my favorite spots is a hidden passageway that was full of restaurants and bars, and Paris’ oldest cafe Café Procope which opened in 1686! I loved walking through these streets and grabbing a coffee, doing some shopping and reading in one of the many streetside cafes.

4. Shakespeare & C0

When I was really missing home, I always headed over to the Shakespeare & Co bookstore right near the Notre Dame cathedral. It’s a super cool bookstore and cafe that sells all of their books in English, so the bookworm in me was in heaven! The cafe also sells really good bagels and iced coffee- my absolute favorite and go-to breakfast! The best part of it all was sitting outside and reading a good book with a view of the Seine and Notre Dame in the background!

5. Favorite Restaurant: Pierre Sang

Favorite Restaurant: Pierre Sang Located in Paris’ popular Oberkampf neighborhood, Pierre Sang is one of the coolest and most restaurants I was able to visit. When you’re seated, you let the server know if anyone in your party has any allergies (gluten free, lactose free, vegan, vegetarian, etc.) and that’s it! You’re then served a SURPRISE 6 course meal where you’re asked to guess the ingredients in each dish after each course! The restaurant specializes in French food with a Korean twist, but my friend and I had everything from butternut squash soup to venison and potatoes to mango and green tea ice cream! It was truly one of the most unique dining experiences I’ve ever had, authentic and delicious and we even opted for the wine pairing with each dish for even more fun and surprises! Definitely a must try! 


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