Gabriella’s 5 Favorite Places in Paris

Hi there folks. During such stressful times in the US–what better way to take your mind off of the President-elect than with a roundup of the lovely Gabriella’s five fav places to go in Paris from her time abroad? The beautiful and kind gal is now Stateside, basking in Dunkin Donuts and all things American. So, peruse her Parisian pleasures and find some inspo fun for your next vacay. 

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Woah, Where’d the Time Go?

In case the title wasn’t enough for ya, woah, where’d the time go?! But seriously, apologies for being so insanely busy and neglecting the blog. It’s not cool, and I am sorry–but this post will be very short and sweet.

I actually spent last weekend in Long Island, drove from Worcester, MA. to Babylon (even driving onto a ferry, el oh el), so I feel pretty accomplished.


View from the Ferry

I visited some family friends (they’re the best) and basked in puppy kisses from their adorable dogs, Norma Jean and Spade, two of the sweetest dogs ever.


Norma Jean

I mean look at that face!

Anywho, after a train ride into the city and two nights with my older sister, another train ride back to Boston and some classes, here I am, feeling like a train traveler, gypsy, whatever country song this is the making of.

I actually volunteered at the Hale House today, an amazing organization that I encourage all to take the time to visit the website, and if you can and are in the area, spend some time there with the amazing residents.

So, there it is, very short!

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for another photo shoot and fashionable friend of the month.

Stay sassy, classy and beautiful people!


Until Next Time, Europe

*Before you read below, be warned that there are feels, and that you MUST listen to this song while reading:   Ok, now you are ready for the words ahead*

To be quite honest, I’ve been dreading writing this post, because with it my abroad experience comes to an end.

Have you ever gotten so into a book (or movie for those of you so inclined) that you look up from your comfy corner of your nook, three hours later only to realize that the world continued without you, but you couldn’t think of a better way to have spent those few hours? Like a sort of refuge from reality, but creating your own little present?

That has been my last four months.

Not to be clichè or overly poetic (not that I’m a poet, el oh el), but these last few months have been some of the best of my 21 years. I’ve met some of the coolest locals, best friends on and outside of my program, and found a new way of looking at the world. Okay, that’s a tad dramatic. Perhaps not a new way of looking at the world, but rather a more open view, more accepting and tapping into a more carefree, exciting part of myself that I barely knew existed before, or more honestly, was a little bit suppressed.

As I spent 20 hours in London before my return home, I couldn’t help the smile spreading across my face, mixed with the tinge of remorse for leaving such a beautiful place and all of the memories my friends and I made along the way.

My twister and I spent the last 10 days traveling France and Italy, and loved every second of our adventures. That being said, I think we both knew it was time to go home. Transversing borders and time zones, as well as languages and cultures not only instills a level of exhaustion, but also takes a toll on the psyche. Boom I just said psyche. Wow this post makes me serious… feeling some sort of way.

…And the cheese continues:

Those of you reading this that I met in London, local or fellow foreigner, thanks for being a part of this journey. Each of you contributed (in one way or another) to the London experience. That should be the name of a book- coming to a Barnes and Noble (or Waterstones) near you.

Jokes aside, it’s hard to convey in words what these last four months mean to me. Other than the great friends, the mere experience of seeing Loch Lomand without the clouds, standing at the top of the Duomo, walking up Arthur’s Seat (not as impressive… but hey, the name sounds like it is), going to Monaco, exploring Copenhagen, and countless mundane activities made awesome by the fact that I left my friends and family, and went to foreign places (diabetes and all) where I didn’t speak the language, some poor guy ruined my 3 month supply of insulin leftover by putting it in the freezer, (that’s a long, Italian story), and made it back to the good old U.S. of A unscathed. What more could a girl want?

I could sit here and go on and on about my amazing abroad experience (ok, I know, I already have haha) but I think instead of wallowing in the reverse culture shock, I’m going to spend the next two weeks with the family that I love, in a pretty quiet place, until I head to NYC for the next adventure.

As I am now officially a senior in College (projectile vomits) and am realizing that my free days are numbered, I know that I’ll hold these last few months close to me like a life-raft, especially when I feel the pressure of work and the stress of school closing in. I’ve found multiple new happy places, and a new place to think of home.

This will be the last of my abroad posts, but obviously not the end of the blog. So, before I seal that subject, I’ll leave you with something I learned while traveling: no matter how far from home you are, the people you love will always seem close by.

So, thanks for listening to me drone on about my adventures, and stay tuned for more posts this week and next, as there is nothing to do in Jacksonville Florida when your friends are still in school. Le sigh.

Stay golden and in that A.C. peeps.


Got the Queen on Speed Dial

Touristy things commenced this week as my friends and I set out to make our mark on Londontown. Who knew that this city harbored so many different languages (by tourists and immigrants alike) as well as nationalities? Everyone knew that? I’m late to the game…oops. I expected the nations under the crown to remain represented in the capital, but I did not expect the mass amount of community from people near and far.

My dorm (in a fancy shmancy part of town… classic BU) resides among the consulates of many different countries across the globe. To be honest, it’s both terrifying (the armed men standing outside some select embassies) as well as fascinating and amazing that so many countries can share the same solid ground, but even a light tap such as a difference in religion or opinion can create a fissure difficult to fix.

Okay, I digress–enough of this serious speculation. London is AHMAHZING. I find myself 1 glass of wine in and showing off my horrible English accent (okay that only happened once–still wrong to do).

But, am so lucky to be in an amazing city with my twister, old friends and so many new. People are cool. People are weird. People rock (also some don’t but I guess that comes with the territory). I find myself missing my Boston loves as well as my Florida Peeps, but I am content with gallivanting around this historical city until time brings us back together.

Back to my adventures. Over the last week I walked around 6-7 miles a day (one day I walked around 10 miles!!!!! Hello toned calves). This is a strugg with diabetes… #diabetethis. I have gone through enough candy and turned off my insulin to keep a kid up for an entire year. I’ve switched to apple sauce in case anyone sees me strutting the streets of London with baby food… get at me. This is real this is me.

Any who, I visited some classic tourist sights in England like Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, and some other places as well. So far, Buckingham palace is my favorite. I love that the royal family lives in such a historic location, behind high gates and guards. I find it both satirical and awe-inducing.

I’ll try to post more often, but after all, London is Calling!

Stay Beautiful


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