Woah, Where’d the Time Go?

In case the title wasn’t enough for ya, woah, where’d the time go?! But seriously, apologies for being so insanely busy and neglecting the blog. It’s not cool, and I am sorry–but this post will be very short and sweet.

I actually spent last weekend in Long Island, drove from Worcester, MA. to Babylon (even driving onto a ferry, el oh el), so I feel pretty accomplished.


View from the Ferry

I visited some family friends (they’re the best) and basked in puppy kisses from their adorable dogs, Norma Jean and Spade, two of the sweetest dogs ever.


Norma Jean

I mean look at that face!

Anywho, after a train ride into the city and two nights with my older sister, another train ride back to Boston and some classes, here I am, feeling like a train traveler, gypsy, whatever country song this is the making of.

I actually volunteered at the Hale House today, an amazing organization that I encourage all to take the time to visit the website, and if you can and are in the area, spend some time there with the amazing residents.

So, there it is, very short!

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for another photo shoot and fashionable friend of the month.

Stay sassy, classy and beautiful people!



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