In the Details

I was extremely fortunate and #blessed this Hanukkah to receive some amazing gifts from my parents and sisters.

With the welcome additions of an Apple Watch–which can mirror my cell phone’s Dexcom readings and give me alerts on my wrist, along with a light vibration to make sure I really get the message that I went overboard with the holiday treats, amazing thigh-high boots (my feet beat is about to be littttt- if you don’t know what a feet beat is check out my instagram stories for a daily dose of footwear fashions) and the trendy tassel earrings of my dreams that you better believe will be my New Year’s Eve pièce de résistance.

Check out my extremely awkward attempt at modeling my fav wardrobe additions. All photos are courtesy of Ariella Phillips, best friend of 17 loooooong years. Jk ily this is real this is us.


Anyways, stay tuned for some exciting guest posts coming up in 2017… crazy.

Stay classy, sassy and beautiful peeps!



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