The Color Purple: A Must See

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Photo Courtesy of @bwaycolorpurple on Instagram.

Hi there folks. I hope you’re all staying cool during this heat wave (in NYC). It’s disgusting. I am not joking when I say that I take on average three showers a day. Judge me, so what who cares (joy behar SNL voice)–I like to be clean. This is real this is me.

Anyways, my amazing mother came up to visit, and took my twister (twin sister) and I to see the 2016 Tony Award Winning production of The Color Purple. It was awe-inducing, life changing-ly, beautiful.

I saw the movie way back when… you know, the one with Queen Oprah? It slayed and I knew immediately, even as a 12/13-year-old, the importance of the story. Growing up in the South made the story all too real. While I did not grow up during the time period of the film/play, the story was not lost on me.

The play, much like the movie, moved me to soft sob and encouraged audience members to take a step back at how far we, as a society, have come and how very far we still have to go.

I know, people discuss race equality with a frequency that some people find irritating–I find it wholly under-discussed.

Politics aside, the moral of this post is that The Color Purple is a must see. The entire cast amazes with powerhouse voices and ballads that force attendants to listen, to understand the pain in the story and acknowledge the hurt that existed and still exists.

Not to mention, Danielle Brooks, aka Tasty from Orange is the New Black, plays the strong, slightly-less-inhibited character of Sofia. Her performance shows that she is more than her Netflix role, and quite the powerful singer.

I hope you enjoyed this random Broadway review.


My face remembering the amazing actors and their voices.

Stay classy, sassy, beautiful and cool people.



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