Little Girl, Big City

Well hello there. I cannot believe how busy life is, and that I have not published a post for you folks in almost a month. Shame on me.

In the interim, I have officially relocated to NYC. Amidst interviews and pounding the pavement (and juice boxes–this walking/heat sitch is affecting my blood sugar. El oh el, classic) in search of some jobs, I found some time to catch up with my adorable, angelic and all around fab friend Tori.

She showed me around her neck of the woods (FiDi NYC) and we ventured to the Sea Port, and then back to her rooftop to see the city skies. Le sigh, New York is a beautiful place.

Please enjoy the pics I took of my gorgeous friend [below] and be sure to follow me on my journey to employment (fingers crossed) and fun around the Big Apple via Instagram.

Outfit: styled by Tori and MyselfIMG_4530

Shirt: Banana Republic

Shorts & Bag: J. Crew

Shoes: Nordstrom Rack

Sunnies: Anthropologie

Smile: Crest 3D White


power pose


But wait, there’s even more where that came from. Check it below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thanks for visiting! Shoutout to Tor for being so adorable and #trendy.

Look out for more posts to come during my (f)unemployment.

Stay cool, sassy and beautiful!



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