Can I Brexit my Med Supply Co?


Acadia National Park, Maine

Too soon? (see title). Hey hello there, welcome to the ranting edition of Toomuchicing, Where I disclose how horrible my medical supply company handles anything more complicated than an automatic refill.

The story goes as so: I moved. I told the company I was moving and to change my address for shipments. They assured me they did so.

They did not.

Cue my supplies going to Boston, (second time this has happened) and low and behold, I am not in Boston.

I call to tell them. They do not call me back. I call again and am told that I am at fault. El oh el.

This isn’t even the whole story (they apparently are extremely mean and unorganized human beings who do not seem to care for the well-being of their clients).

Like, it’s not bad enough that my pancreas doesn’t produce insulin. That I have to make these major life changes and decisions without a working organ and that I really would just love to have my Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) sent to the right address. That I get blamed and yelled at for doing the correct thing–calling the company beforehand and changing my address. TWICE, to no avail.

What happened to “The costumer is always right” or… I don’t know, human decency?

Honestly, I am at a loss here, so angry that my grammar abilities seem to have momentarily vanished.


Peace out to the h8rs

What a stressful time for all, #amiright? With the Brexit happening (still shocked) and Donald Trump still in the race to be the leader of the Free World (also shocked), a little fight with a medical supply company seems so small… wait, jk, I’m still mad.

Check back soon for a more uplifting, happy post in the next two weeks about my move to NYC! WOOHOO

p.s. Special birthday shoutout to my amazing grandpa, turning 90 this weekend and one of the best people I know.

Stay sassy, classy and cool you beautiful people!



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