Type 1 Type FUN (jk)


View from my Aunt and Uncle’s place

Hi hey there, how are ya? I am coming to you live from Florida, where I’ve been spending my days looking for a job and laying in the hot Florida sun, trying to avoid news of politics while simultaneously itching for an argument being surrounded by Trump supporters. Or maybe it’s just the heat that’s making me lose it? Who knows…

Le Sigh, I miss the North.

Any who, I’ve been struggling a tad with my blood sugar numbers lately, dropping low at night. But, thankfully my CGM (continuous glucose monitor) has caught the majority of these issues. That’s not to say that it does not leave me frustrated, irritated, hungry and sleep deprived. All of these things make it difficult for me the next day, in that a low number can cause a “hypo-hangover” aka feeling hungover, weak and dead for most of the day–not fun, especially when you’re still trying to lose that college weight (oh em gee it is a struggle and a half with diabetes).

Anyways, while my doctor and I work that out, I thought i’d enlighten those that don’t necessarily understand all of the great things type 1 has to offer. Like having an auto-immune disease isn’t difficult enough, you have to add in the fear of not waking up from a low blood sugar, feeling ill for up to 24-hours after a low blood sugar, and also make sure not to overdose on glucose (that rhymed!), so as not to make my blood sugar jump too high, too quickly.

What. a. headache.

But, alas, still waiting for that bionic pancreas. It’s really quite interesting, would recommend a read on the exciting new technology.


Faking it ’til I make it–ya feel

Tune in soon for an upbeat post within the next few weeks, promise I have it in me.

Stay classy, sassy, beautiful and cool!




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