Hey there trusty followers, readers and mouth breathers. I got my diploma from Boston University over a week ago (soft sobbing while simultaneously hyperventilating…jk), with a BS in journalism. I am now educated.

With the exception of the job hunt taking up my life, I am now back in sunny Florida, wasting away my days in front of my laptop hoping, wishing and praying for a 1 way ticket to New York City. While I love my hometown, I love it more visiting, than I do as a resident.

I do plan on moving to New York in a number of weeks, so no need to worry too much about my sanity or my Southern accent coming back.

Back to graduation…walking across that stage to get my diploma is arguably the most amazing thing I’ve done in my young 22 years. Mostly because for the first time in my life I did not trip, something that cannot be said for my brief post-grad vacation with my parents and grandparents hiking the “friendly path” in Acadia National Park. Needless to say,that path was not too friendly, as can be seen on my right knee.

With my days as an over-acheiving student behind me, I find myself sitting in a Starbucks with one of my oldest, best-friends, wondering where life will take us in the next few weeks, months, years, forever.

There is something about closing a chapter of your life that makes you reminisce. Maybe it’s just my hometown, or the familiar sights (the river and ocean), smells (fried chicken and tobacco mixed with ocean air) and feelings (damn I missed my pillow) that bring me to a place of contentment, or maybe its the people.

I have missed my friends and family, but the thing is, what I am realizing, is that my definition of those words grew over the last four years. Nothing will replace the people that helped to shape me, getting me to Boston University and my degree, but the people during my childhood, the people that have been with me the longest are now not the only people in my life. I miss my friends now scattered across the globe.

Gone are the days where I can walk down the hall to my best friend’s room and stress cry about school until it turns into hysterical laughter over which One Directioner is my soulmate according to a Buzzfeed quiz (hey Liam how you doin’?).

Something about graduating, moving on and moving away has such a finality to it that I completely understand the fear, apprehension and downright terror on the faces of my classmates as we lined Nickerson Field for the last time as a class, the class of 2016.

Back home, it feels like everything went by so quickly. I am back at the local hangouts, with the same friends I sat with four years before. We are talking about new people, new places and different ideologies, but we are still there, at the same place with mostly the same faces.

On the outside it appears as if nothing has changed, while on the inside we are all vastly different people than we were four years ago. In the wise words of T-Swift and Ed Sheeran, everything has changed. But I’m starting to think that this docile time in my life, this in-between, this valley between the mountains of school and the real world, I am starting to think that maybe this time before I know what I am to do, how I am to spend my future, is a necessity. How are we supposed to move on without at least glimpsing back?

Okay, enough of my attempts at deep discussion. Graduation happened, I am back home with people that I love here, and all over the world. And hey, expect a lot more posts while I search for a job. Because, well, I have nothing better to do between job apps. el oh el. Now please enjoy some awkward grad pics of my friends and me.



Stay sassy, classy and cool beautiful people.



One thought on “Post-Grad

  1. Misty says:

    Congrats Emily. I am so happy to see you and Laura grow to the wonderful adults we were not sure you would be. LOL JK I know I will be seeing you in the salon soon. Much love, Misty


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