I’m sorry, what did you say?

Although my summer in the city comes to an end as I travel back home to Florida, I leave behind some good times with some special peeps. I won’t get all emotional on you, because I totally could, but ew, like… feelings. Anyways, these aforementioned good times accompany memories that will last me a lifetime- if not at least until next summer. One of my favorite things about this summer in New York remains the awe-inspiring pick up lines that continue to make me giggle even when I’m sitting in my kitchen writing this post surrounded by friends who seem to be enthralled in this contagion-esque television series called The Strain. 

Ok, down to business. These are just some of the ridiculous(ly awesome in some cases,) pickup lines i’ve heard over the last 3 months in various situations around New York City. Sorry if I come across bitchy or unappreciative, but i mean come on! Keep in mind i thoroughly enjoyed my evenings out and wouldn’t change a thang. 

PSA: No boys were harmed in the making of this post, except maybe their egos.

1. “I want to hump you, and impregnate you.” No. Go away, this is not in the least bit okay to say aloud. I don’t care if you think this, I don’t care if you whisper it to a friend. However, if I can hear you utter this phrase, gtfo. Really. Not cool and not okay. Also, like I don’t know you, don’t even know your name yet. So likeeeee nuhuh.

2. “Would you rather have 1 horse-sized duck or 1000 duck sized horses?” I admire this one, but it’s totally over said. But, this did make me laugh and think, so kudos to you bro. 

3. “I’m sorry, you just look so gorgeous I had to come across the room and say something.” Clichè, snooze-fest, but deeply appreciated and flattering. Also, somehow creepy of you to say. We all know that in order to check someone out you have to look at them, but something about knowing I’m being watched gives me the heeby-jeebies. 

4. “There’s 3 of you and 3 of us, you do the math.” Very good! You can count, now take this medal and leave me alone. You’re 30 years old and wasted. No thanks buddy. There’s about to be none of us and 3 of you. 

5. *Walks past bar* “Get in here!” No. Stop bossing me around please. Kay thanks bye.

6. Man walks up to me at a rooftop bar and points to the Bank of America building. “See that building over there? I can control the lights on it. Pick a color” He proceeds to change the color of the lights. This happened like 2 days ago and I am still mystified. I named the color, he changed the building to that color. It was amazing, cool and like yes I am impressed. 

Hope you enjoyed some of the ridiculous situations from the summer. More posts to come soon! Feel free to request a post by commenting below! 



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