Just some of da crew

As I prepare to go back to Boston for my Junior year of college (Oh em gee, I cannot believe time is going by so quickly) I find all of my friends leaving for school while I relax in the Florida sun… alone. One downside about going to a school up north while most of my friends stayed below the Mason-Dixon-Line, remains the different breaks our schools plan.

Much like the Brooklyn Bridge, the structure of my life seems suspended between two paths carrying the weight of others, all while being held up by an array of narrow wires lofted precariously over the dirty Hudson river.

Dramatic, I know, but hey take me as I am.

I read once that life in your twenties serves as some of the most amazing and terrible times of a person’s life. On one end you have transience, living in different places by the month, leaving loved ones behind for a future that no one can tell. On the other end, you meet new people, change your place, learn from the world and learn about yourself.

Maybe life is full of bridges. Maybe most bridges aren’t one way, because one direction can always lead you home. I know that my life is half in Boston and half in Florida, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t have a foot in each place.

So, as my friends prepare to leave and I stay behind for a few more weeks, I hope you think of these next semesters apart as a sort of bridge. Remember that you can always come home, and that a path always exists towards someone you love (especially if it’s towards me in Boston). When I get homesick freezing my butt off in the frozen tundra that is the north-east, I plan on looking at this picture I took, reminding myself of where I can go, and that perhaps the beauty is in the journey and not the destination.


Ta Ta For Now to my friends from home, and my Boston loves, I’m coming for you- in 2 weeks. I need some R&R before seeing your beautiful faces.

Keep an eye out for some fashion posts next week!



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