Fashionable Friend of the Month: Barbara

I realized, I have gorgeous friends. Not only are they pretty (on the inside and out if I might add) but some can really put an outfit together. I use them for inspiration in my life, so I thought, why not let the world see what I see? Enjoy these pictures taken by another one of my gorgeous friends, who just so happens to be an extremely talented photographer. A link to her company’s Facebook page is listed at the bottom.

World, this is Barbara, or as I refer to her, Babs. Total model, right? Barbara’s style is very Free People meets Florida sunshine/prep. Barbara enjoys long walks on the beach, fishing and surfing (as I’m sure you can tell by her level of tan).

Look 1


top: Free People New Romantics “jessy” top

shorts: J Crew

Em_Barb-92bracelet: Tory Burch


Shoes: DV by Dolce Vita wedges

Look 2

Em_Barb-333dress: Free People “circle of flowers” slip


Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters

Werk it Barb.


And this one because like, friends.








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