I <3 NYC

Hey what’s up, how’s it going? I’m all packed up and by all accounts ready to leave the city to return to my hometown. There’s something so bittersweet about leaving this city. I know I’ll be back (if I get a job… because lezzzzbihonest, I deff plan to move here post-graduation), but the next 10 months constitute the conclusion of my undergrad career. I know what you’re thinking: woah, this chick doesn’t look a day over 17! (apparently, I don’t look 17 as I got carded when I went to see Trainwreck a few weeks ago. I know, riddle me shocked. I thought the kid was joking. SMH.) Any who, I hate to say goodbye to the city lights, but am looking forward to spending some time on the beach and by my pool before heading back to the tundra (aka Boston).

I’ve decided to compile a list of my top 5 moments this summer, you know, in case you were wondering… clearly my life is uber important and must be documented for the masses.

5. Shmorgesburg

No words necessary. Only thing: NOM.

Scallion pancakes with crispy pork

Scallion pancakes with crispy pork

4. 4th of July

The past two years my friends and I go to our older sister’s rooftop for the 4th. Her building looks out over the Statue of Liberty, and what could be more patriotic than watching the fireworks explode over our great symbol of freedom?

3. Brooklyn ArtWalls/Coney Island


I love art. I love Brooklyn. I love walls.

2. That View


Tell me that is not breathtaking?!

1. Work


I know what you’re thinking: how could anyone love work? Like lol. I complain all the time about lack of sleep, but this year’s summer internship really solidified my love for the magazine industry. I’ll miss the goons I laughed with everyday (and tbh got in trouble for doing so el oh el) and the feeling I got after seeing the pages I assisted on (using that term loosely) make it to print. I’ll miss the amazing people I interned for, as well as the building. Because that building is amaze.

Anywho, gotta rush to our gate as it’s time to jet back to the sunshine state. Lookout for a new post within the next few days!

Stay classy and cool beautiful people!



Ta Ta Technology

Woah, where’s the time gone?! Sorry for the lack of postings and continuity in my blog lately. Also, not sorry because I recently made a resolution to stop apologizing for inconsequential things. I’m not sure if it’s my gender, generation or Southern ways that make me feel the need to apologize for everything, but whatever the reason, my continuous “sorry” needs to stop. Anyways, I digress.

I cannot believe that the summer is more than halfway over. I know I know, stop the eye roll, I’m aware that I blab on and on about the way life moves so fast towards the future, but I mean seriously, life is happening.

Look above your computer (or phone, wherever you’re reading this, I don’t discriminate), look towards that fiery ball of light known as the sun–okay so don’t look right at it, because I refuse to be responsible for the irreparable damage to your eyes. See that (well dressed) man walking by holding the hand of his daughter? The bird that flies by and swoops low enough for you to wonder why the hell it would fly so close to your window? See the girl rushing to the subway at 9:40 in the morning to catch the train to work with her hair a mess and her heels clacking across the pavement? Okay that’s probably me so wave and say hi–lol jk I might not know you. Anyways, my point is that I feel like I spend so much time reading, surfing the web, texting friends and hearing about what’s happening in the world without actually experiencing it for myself.

With the last few months aside (hello I traveled to like 8 countries and met some crazy, amazing, awesome people–looking at you Helen), I’ve realized how easy it is to slip into that rabbit hole of texting and walking (which is just dangerous, a habit that I myself need to quit), cutting ourselves off to the world with our devices that we claim keep us closer together and more connected. Now, I do believe in technology connecting. I believe technology brings people together and helps them stay in touch with the world, but I also blame technology for my generation’s lack of social commitment, lack of in-person connections, and more importantly our desire for recognition through social media.

Okay, rant aside, the world is beautiful and I urge everyone to unplug for an hour or two. Who knows what might happen? Maybe you’ll look up in time to catch the sun set between two buildings in Manhattan? Maybe you’ll catch a smile or make a new friend? The world is ours for the taking, and I think it’s about time we actually, really, look at what the world has to offer.


Have a great week and stay beautiful peeps!

Look out for a post sometime in the next week.


Welcome to New York/Shake it Off


Chelsea, right near my summer home

Welcome to New York. Now, where’s T-swift and the welcoming committee? Oh well, I guess the smiling (lol) New Yorkers will have to do.

As the summer begins I find myself reflecting on the past few months. This year teemed with ups and downs, and all around lows and highs. Basically every two weeks I jetted off to another place, another adventure, location and new people. This time, I call  New York City home for the next few months, until I begin my senior year of college (hides under blanket in denial).

After the highs of life abroad, the lows seem to hit quite hard these last few weeks. I’m not one for feelings or emotions (ok I have a ton but I don’t like talking about them–duh), but this last week proved one full of anger, resentment and overall sadness towards diabetes. I will admit, for the most part I am proud of the way I’ve dealt with such a prognosis. However, the fact that this disease does not have a cure keeps crawling into the edges of my mind, my happy days, my sad days–it’s always there. Who knew that the biggest constant in my life these days would be this frustrating, irritating, occasionally painful, uncomfortable, dangerous-yet-manageable, disease.

After one year, I can honestly say I am already sick of diabetes and all of its complications. I am sick of the (thankfully) small scars on my legs, stomach, arms, and hips. I am tired of changing my pumps, people’s stares and questioning looks if my pump shows. The occasional accidental bump into one of my pumps, causing a momentary panic on my part in wondering if anything fell off.

I am  aware that things could be worse. However, I am learning that this train of thought does not do much to assuage my fears and pain–physical or emotional. I find myself feeling somewhat less for acknowledging my struggles with diabetes–something that researchers and doctors continue to make strides in every day. Not to mention, I am blessed with caring family, friends, and amazing doctors. I look back over the last year with diabetes and could not imagine changing anything. Ok, maybe I regret a cupcake here and there, but at least I know that I am still giving it my all. Even when I feel like the weight of the disease and my associated anxieties keeps pushing me down, I know that at the end of the day I’ll stand tall against whatever weighs down on me. I know this because that’s how my parents raised me, that’s the Goldman way.

Like they say, this too shall pass. But even in the saddest of moments, I find myself hopeful for the future, for a cure, or at least a less invasive way of managing the disease on an hourly basis.

In the wise words of my father and (later) Taylor Swift, I guess you just gotta shake it off.

So while I’m shaking (hopefully not because of low blood sugar) it off, I’ll continue to seek care until the cure.

Stay tuned for some New York posts!

Stay classy and cool peeps


That time of Year

Sometimes I like to think (and I mean look at Monte Carlo!)

Sometimes I like to think (and I mean look at Monte Carlo!)

As usual I am feeling some sort of way. As a chunk of my friends graduate and move on from college, I’m reminded how quickly time flies. After a fun road trip to see some friends from high school days, I can’t help but glance in the rearview mirror while trying to keep my eyes on the road ahead. (get it? Road trip metaphor… I’m so good.)

After an (somewhat obvious) observation on my part that our time together seems to focus on “remember whens” instead of “let’s talk about our future fun as friends, etc.” my friend Lauren astutely pointed out that perhaps we’re creating new memories, just with other people.

I realized, other than the obvious somber tone of such a thought, that she was right. I’m creating new memories, new “remember whens” with new people. Going to school over 1200 miles away from my friends from home does that to a person. No longer am I calling up my crew from high school to make plans for the weekend, but rather get out of bed and walk into the common room to suggest an impromptu Froyo run, or a night out on the town with those around me.

It’s much easier to make memories with people when they’re two feet away, but the real test of a friendship isn’t time… it’s distance. That subpar notion about distance making “the heart grow fonder,” I find, is just something people say to make up for the miles apart, and the impending absence that he/she will have in someone’s life.

We can’t help these things. I feel as though admitting the fact that yes, I am not who I was 3 years ago, but no, that would not be normal if I were that same 18 year old, feeling all badass heading off to a big city but having no clue of the rough edges of the world. Miley Cyrus got it right, (stop rolling your eyes please, this is real this is me don’t judge) it’s all about the climb.

I digress.

Congratulations to everyone who made it through with their bad ass Bachelor degrees in whatever your heart (or parents’) desired. I could not be more proud of my friends who slaved away through endless hours of classes and papers and finals who walked across that stage this weekend, and wish I could have been there to watch you all take a step toward your futures.

Not to make this about me, but since this is my blog and my constant stream of consciousness sprawled out on the internet for the world wide web to see, I can’t help but think of how this will be me next year (if I pass my classes el oh el). Not to mention the constant graduation anthem, “As we go on, we remember/all the times we’ve shared together…” playing on repeat in my head (thanks Laguna Beach, forever team LC) despite the fact that I am a solid 12 months away from graduation.

Any who, as I gear up to head to NYC for the summer, leaving next weekend, the fact that this hopefully will be my last unpaid internship and summer before (fingers crossed) getting hired somewhere

for like… the real world, hits me. How can I be a real person? I’m 21 and have so many mistakes left to make ahead of me. But then again, I guess we all do. Boom, got all philosophical again.

While another school year comes to an end, and with it the beginning of summer, I hope you all keep making new memories. I know that’s what I’ll be trying to do with old friends and new. Woah that rhymed.

Use sunscreen and stay beautiful peeps!



Wanna Be Like the Cool Kidz

Howdy y’all. So as the summer sun begins to set on these long hot days, I thought, why not share some of my favorite summer outfits? After a summer in the concrete jungle, I needed some cool clothes to cool off back home in this Florida heat. A gem of a friend, Jessica, took these pictures for me (some of which you may recognize from last week’s post). She’s totes talented and y’all should check her out for your next life event (bat-mitzvah, wedding, twister photo-shoot?). Here are some of my favorite outfits from my adventurous summer.

PSA: The tan legs seen later on are clearly not mine. You might want to wear sunglasses because it’s about to get bright up in hur- My family’s Eastern European give me a break.

Em_Barb-33Sunglasses: Free People

Jean Jacket: Zara

Romper: Vintage Store in Brooklyn

Bag: H&M

Necklace: JCrew

Dress: JCrewEm_Barb-322Em_Barb-261
Em_Barb-364Peace. Love. Fashion.