I <3 NYC

Hey what’s up, how’s it going? I’m all packed up and by all accounts ready to leave the city to return to my hometown. There’s something so bittersweet about leaving this city. I know I’ll be back (if I get a job… because lezzzzbihonest, I deff plan to move here post-graduation), but the next 10 months constitute the conclusion of my undergrad career. I know what you’re thinking: woah, this chick doesn’t look a day over 17! (apparently, I don’t look 17 as I got carded when I went to see Trainwreck a few weeks ago. I know, riddle me shocked. I thought the kid was joking. SMH.) Any who, I hate to say goodbye to the city lights, but am looking forward to spending some time on the beach and by my pool before heading back to the tundra (aka Boston).

I’ve decided to compile a list of my top 5 moments this summer, you know, in case you were wondering… clearly my life is uber important and must be documented for the masses.

5. Shmorgesburg

No words necessary. Only thing: NOM.

Scallion pancakes with crispy pork

Scallion pancakes with crispy pork

4. 4th of July

The past two years my friends and I go to our older sister’s rooftop for the 4th. Her building looks out over the Statue of Liberty, and what could be more patriotic than watching the fireworks explode over our great symbol of freedom?

3. Brooklyn ArtWalls/Coney Island


I love art. I love Brooklyn. I love walls.

2. That View


Tell me that is not breathtaking?!

1. Work


I know what you’re thinking: how could anyone love work? Like lol. I complain all the time about lack of sleep, but this year’s summer internship really solidified my love for the magazine industry. I’ll miss the goons I laughed with everyday (and tbh got in trouble for doing so el oh el) and the feeling I got after seeing the pages I assisted on (using that term loosely) make it to print. I’ll miss the amazing people I interned for, as well as the building. Because that building is amaze.

Anywho, gotta rush to our gate as it’s time to jet back to the sunshine state. Lookout for a new post within the next few days!

Stay classy and cool beautiful people!



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