A Little Bit Bionic

Hey there, coming to you live from Florida, where the living is easy… and easiest the hottest it’s been in quite some time. Florida could burn a hole through New York with this heat.

Any who, I recently updated my CGM (continuous glucose monitor, Dexcom, coincidentally the same brand that Nick Jonas uses el oh el) to connect with my iPhone! I’m officially bionic. It’s awesome, I know. For those of you unsure as to what a CGM is, it basically measures the levels of glucose/sugar between my skin every 5 minutes. It’s basically the best thing ever invented. While the CGM has its faults (SO MANY), the benefits definitely outweigh the negatives. My CGM wakes me up when my blood sugar is high or low and I’m in a deep sleep, during class, in an exam, or at work. This CGM does not discriminate. Anyways, despite the fact that my Dexcom comes off when it wants, and often seems to have a mind of its own, the constant knowledge of my blood sugar, seeing the trends of what causes my sugar to spike or drop, not only assists my doctors in treating me, but also allows me to lead my life a little closer to the way I did pre-diabetes.

Now, with the cell phone app, I can keep my hand-held, MP3-look-alike receiver (receives the glucose reading) in my bag, and just check my iPhone for my numbers. Praise. If one more person asks me why I have an MP3 player… let’s just say I’m running out of snarky comments.

This is real this is my blood glucose

This is real this is my blood glucose

Let’s #diabetethis

Stay posted for a new post sometime in the next week!

Also, stay classy, sassy and beautiful.



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