The Heart of Art

View from the Whitney

View from the Whitney

Hey, hi there, how’s it going?

I’d apologize for my lack of posts but if you read my last post, you’d know I’m working on apologizing too much. Any who, apart from the busy-ness that constitutes the #internlife at a fashion mag, my wifi is out in my apartment along with part of the ceiling in my bathroom. Therefore, I’m coming to you live (and clean) from a friend’s amazing place (way to be clutch Hannah!).

Honestly, I love NYC but when it comes time to rent a place of my own and move to the big bad beautiful beat of the city, I think I’ll pick something slightly less… well maybe something more (like central AC, or a full roof and a stable wifi connection).

Amenities aside, this summer has been another one for the books. I can’t believe that I head back home to Florida in two weeks, then back to Boston for my senior year. I know I’ve mentioned that quite a few times, but…like… I’m trying to wrap my mind around it, okay? This is real, this is me. Time literally flies by as I hop from place to place, bar to bar. Every weekend I anticipate the next, only to realize that another month has gone by. But, that’s just the tick of time, I guess. I digress. Yes, that rhymed.

A friend recently got me in to the Whitney (thanks NYU for your extra +1’s, can I get a free what whatttttt) and got to see all of the amazing artwork in the established museum.

The Whitney also solidified the disturbing aspect of some art pieces. Let’s just say that I typically prefer Monet and Renoir, and try to stray from any screaming sculptures. That being said, I’ll always appreciate  art.

What’s coming up you ask? My last 2 weeks interning for one of the best companies, and best magazines in the world. I am still pinching myself, 2 and a half months later. Someone recently asked me where I plan on interning next summer, to which I stated my senior status, and realized/prayed/did a little dance to the job gods, in the hopes that I am a part of the employed community.

But until then, vive la New York.

Stay posted for the next… well, post!

Stay beautiful and cool you amazing people!



‘Maurice featured at the Whitney (PSA: Not real title of painting)


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