Ta Ta Technology

Woah, where’s the time gone?! Sorry for the lack of postings and continuity in my blog lately. Also, not sorry because I recently made a resolution to stop apologizing for inconsequential things. I’m not sure if it’s my gender, generation or Southern ways that make me feel the need to apologize for everything, but whatever the reason, my continuous “sorry” needs to stop. Anyways, I digress.

I cannot believe that the summer is more than halfway over. I know I know, stop the eye roll, I’m aware that I blab on and on about the way life moves so fast towards the future, but I mean seriously, life is happening.

Look above your computer (or phone, wherever you’re reading this, I don’t discriminate), look towards that fiery ball of light known as the sun–okay so don’t look right at it, because I refuse to be responsible for the irreparable damage to your eyes. See that (well dressed) man walking by holding the hand of his daughter? The bird that flies by and swoops low enough for you to wonder why the hell it would fly so close to your window? See the girl rushing to the subway at 9:40 in the morning to catch the train to work with her hair a mess and her heels clacking across the pavement? Okay that’s probably me so wave and say hi–lol jk I might not know you. Anyways, my point is that I feel like I spend so much time reading, surfing the web, texting friends and hearing about what’s happening in the world without actually experiencing it for myself.

With the last few months aside (hello I traveled to like 8 countries and met some crazy, amazing, awesome people–looking at you Helen), I’ve realized how easy it is to slip into that rabbit hole of texting and walking (which is just dangerous, a habit that I myself need to quit), cutting ourselves off to the world with our devices that we claim keep us closer together and more connected. Now, I do believe in technology connecting. I believe technology brings people together and helps them stay in touch with the world, but I also blame technology for my generation’s lack of social commitment, lack of in-person connections, and more importantly our desire for recognition through social media.

Okay, rant aside, the world is beautiful and I urge everyone to unplug for an hour or two. Who knows what might happen? Maybe you’ll look up in time to catch the sun set between two buildings in Manhattan? Maybe you’ll catch a smile or make a new friend? The world is ours for the taking, and I think it’s about time we actually, really, look at what the world has to offer.


Have a great week and stay beautiful peeps!

Look out for a post sometime in the next week.



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