Ahuh Coney (Island) /Happy Birthday ‘Murica

I am really slacking on my post frequency these days–apologies ladies and gents. (Do gents even read this? el oh el).

Anyways, I’ve been busy galavanting around New York City (someone once told me I use galavanting too much, and to that person, I say: GALAVANTING–I’m mature, what can I say?). I finally made it down to Coney Island, and I have to say it was beyond fun. Despite the fact that we did not have time to ride the rides (went in the late afternoon and had to be back in Manhattan a few hours later), I loved every second of my time on the boardwalk.

A nice addition to the Coney Island constants, the Coney Island Art Walls were still out and about. They really take the meaning of street art and show the world that art can take many different forms. Whether you’re standing in front of a giant boom box, or in front of indecipherable drawings, the walls undoubtedly showcase a type of beauty that coincides with art, creating a response in the onlooker. So, needless to say, I thoroughly enjoyed Coney Island.

Rounding out the fun-filled weekend, Saturday the United States of America celebrated its 239th birthday. I love being in the city for the celebration (minus the fact that the Floridian in me twitches a tad at the thought of not being on a beach somewhere).

Nothing beats that firework display. I stood on top of my sister’s roof watching the fireworks burst over the Statue of Liberty, and I could not think a more patriotic ways to celebrate the Fourth (other than like… idk… serving in the military, or saluting a flag somewhere, or visiting Abraham Lincoln or George Washington’s grave…or being in Washington D.C… ok so there are quite a few other, more patriotic ways to spend the Fourth. But hey, you get what I’m saying!).

The city had an empty feel as most of its residents fled to the ‘burbs for beach days and cookouts. I, along with a few of my friends who stayed in the city, celebrated like any other 21-year-old would… I bar hopped. It was so interesting to see the types of people in the city on a Saturday night on the Fourth of July. Yes, a ton of tourists roamed the streets, but I felt a sense of family and unity while wandering around Chelsea. The apparent terrorist threats aside, the holiday proved a weekend well spent, with the company of some cool kids that I call my friends. While my skin is sill milky-pale, at least I caught up on some much needed sleep and made the most of the short time I have left in New York City before I return to Florida, then make the journey up to Boston for my senior year of college. I wish I could drop an emoji right here. I would have used the one that looks terrified out if its mind. You know the one I’m talking about? Big eyes and flat mouth, pink cheeks. I digress.

Please enjoy some pics below of some of my favorite walls from Coney Island.

Stay tuned for another post in the next week.

Much love and stay beautiful!



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