That time of Year

Sometimes I like to think (and I mean look at Monte Carlo!)

Sometimes I like to think (and I mean look at Monte Carlo!)

As usual I am feeling some sort of way. As a chunk of my friends graduate and move on from college, I’m reminded how quickly time flies. After a fun road trip to see some friends from high school days, I can’t help but glance in the rearview mirror while trying to keep my eyes on the road ahead. (get it? Road trip metaphor… I’m so good.)

After an (somewhat obvious) observation on my part that our time together seems to focus on “remember whens” instead of “let’s talk about our future fun as friends, etc.” my friend Lauren astutely pointed out that perhaps we’re creating new memories, just with other people.

I realized, other than the obvious somber tone of such a thought, that she was right. I’m creating new memories, new “remember whens” with new people. Going to school over 1200 miles away from my friends from home does that to a person. No longer am I calling up my crew from high school to make plans for the weekend, but rather get out of bed and walk into the common room to suggest an impromptu Froyo run, or a night out on the town with those around me.

It’s much easier to make memories with people when they’re two feet away, but the real test of a friendship isn’t time… it’s distance. That subpar notion about distance making “the heart grow fonder,” I find, is just something people say to make up for the miles apart, and the impending absence that he/she will have in someone’s life.

We can’t help these things. I feel as though admitting the fact that yes, I am not who I was 3 years ago, but no, that would not be normal if I were that same 18 year old, feeling all badass heading off to a big city but having no clue of the rough edges of the world. Miley Cyrus got it right, (stop rolling your eyes please, this is real this is me don’t judge) it’s all about the climb.

I digress.

Congratulations to everyone who made it through with their bad ass Bachelor degrees in whatever your heart (or parents’) desired. I could not be more proud of my friends who slaved away through endless hours of classes and papers and finals who walked across that stage this weekend, and wish I could have been there to watch you all take a step toward your futures.

Not to make this about me, but since this is my blog and my constant stream of consciousness sprawled out on the internet for the world wide web to see, I can’t help but think of how this will be me next year (if I pass my classes el oh el). Not to mention the constant graduation anthem, “As we go on, we remember/all the times we’ve shared together…” playing on repeat in my head (thanks Laguna Beach, forever team LC) despite the fact that I am a solid 12 months away from graduation.

Any who, as I gear up to head to NYC for the summer, leaving next weekend, the fact that this hopefully will be my last unpaid internship and summer before (fingers crossed) getting hired somewhere

for like… the real world, hits me. How can I be a real person? I’m 21 and have so many mistakes left to make ahead of me. But then again, I guess we all do. Boom, got all philosophical again.

While another school year comes to an end, and with it the beginning of summer, I hope you all keep making new memories. I know that’s what I’ll be trying to do with old friends and new. Woah that rhymed.

Use sunscreen and stay beautiful peeps!




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