Copenhangin’ but can’t Fly

Sorry It’s been so long since i’ve posted! Anywho,I spent last weekend in Copenhagen, Denmark.

I love Copenhagen.

Although the language proved beyond my comprehension or ability to even decipher the letters used by the natives, Copenhagen captured my heart and froze my toes. Although I do have to admit that I was quite sick during my  holiday, it did not put an overall damper on my time in Denmark.



I spent the days walking around Copenhagen with my friends and eating good food. We went on a canal tour, saw the “mermaid”… well I didn’t but my friends did (I was actually pretty sick).

However, the trip home proved an obstacle of its own.

Story time:

Diabetes supplies are expensive, heavy, bulky and necessary for my survival. I had no problem carrying my average-sized carryon onto the plane on the way to Copenhagen, but upon my arrival at the airport from Copenhagen back to London, I immediately was told to check my bag. Well, I could not check my bag, as it had all of my necessary diabetes equipment in it, including my insulin that needed to be kept at a stable temperature.

Commence minor panic attack.

I have never been so thoroughly mistreated by an airline. Norwegian Air yelled at me, chastised me, refused to let me speak to a supervisor, then once they did, she proceeded to yell at me as well. I know I can be less than levelheaded at times- but when it comes to my health I don’t mess around. No one would see reason, including prohibiting me from gate-checking my bag so as to ensure I would have my supplies at hand up until boarding time.

I was then told that they “don’t do that”… even though they did. I was forced to check my bag. I had to take out as much of my supplies as I could, and carry them (loose) onto the plane. Although I am lucky that they did not loose my bag, the entire experience left me upset and shocked at the lack of understanding of such a common disease. Anywho, moral of the story: Don’t fly Norwegian Air.

Re-reading this, perhaps it’s something that you had to be there to understand. Oh well, sharing is caring, right? Sorry for the rant.

Look for another post sometime this week!

Stay warm and beautiful


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