Maybe a Little Too Much Icing

Long time no blog! I was busy studying for finals and turning 21. I cannot believe i’m 21.

To be honest the milestone was kind of anticlimactic compared to a celebration in the States. After all, 18 is the big birthday over here. But I had an amazing birthday with the help of my beautiful friends, despite the fact that I could legally drink 3 years ago.

The real MVP’s of this year’s birthday were my amazing friends i’ve made abroad, (giving me a chocolate cake!), and my besties back in Boston. I don’t like to be sappy, but they sent me cupcakes and a bouquet of flowers, and made sure that I got all of my presents in time for my birthday…all the way from Boston. I mean who does that? I think I lucked out.

Anywho, the cupcakes proved a real test to my will power (and blood sugar), but I managed to share more than half and eat small amounts of the cupcakes over time. I deem my first diabetic birthday a success (minus the occasional high numbers)!

Thanks Jen and Kat!

Thanks Jen and Kat!

21 feels the same as 20, with a few minor differences. This may seem obvious, and we all know it’s happening but seldom acknowledge this fact: we’re growing up. I say we because we all do it, it cannot be stopped. Peter Pan had it wrong. Why would you want to stay young forever, when the future holds the potential of new adventures?

Speaking of adventures, I’m headed to Spain for the week to brush up on my Spanish and feel the warmth of the sun on my extremely pale face.

Have a great week everyone, I’ll post again once I’m back from España.




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