The Book of Mormon and a Mushroom-named road

Howdy all. Shalom. Bienvenue. Hola. Cheers. That about covers my insight into language. Now, let’s get down to it, I know it’s been a while. I’ve been busy with my internship, class and trying to be a Jetsetter. LOL. Ok, but seriously…busy times. Any who, I would love to jump right in and say that I saw the Book of Mormon on Thursday, and ’twas fantastic. That’s actually an understatement, IT WAS AMAZING.

*Warning, to all of my Mormon friends I apologize and hope you won’t find my love for this theatrical genius offensive*

But in all seriousness, Book of Mormon is one of my all-time favorite productions that I have ever seen. I recommend it, give it 2 thumbs up, and maybe a few extra fingers thrown in there as well–it’s one amazing play. But, don’t take my word for it, go see the production yourself! I can’t give a fair testament of how amazing it truly is! See what I did there… testament… get it? haha I really am my own best audience.

I also hit up Portobello Market with some pals, and basked in the glow of all things vintage and food. I scored some cute clothes, a great meal (and a great brownie… what is diabetes anyways? Insulin is my favorite invention in the world. I am also the worst diabetic these days… oops… #diabetethis?)


Noms at Portobello Market

After stuffing my face and walking a ton (that counts as exercise, right? DONT JUDGE ME) I managed to find some cute side streets that really embrace the whole Notting Hill vibe, and by managed to find I mean every street looks like Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts might come strolling out of a bookstore at any moment.

A nod to Notting Hill

I hope you enjoyed this random, short post! I will try to be more consistent and update you all on my thrilling life across the pond.

Sending love from LondonTown.

Stay warm, beautiful, and hell–stay Goldman while you’re at it. (Damn I have a pun problem)



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