T is for Tea

Hello World! I’m basking in the aftermath of a lovely weekend with my parents who flew all the way from Florida to visit my twin sister and I. They are the cutest. We showed them around London, despite the fact that they took us here when we were 10, and each has been before on different occasions.  So, this time around we felt less rushed and focused more on what we all wanted to do- like see a show, 39 Steps, go to some amazing meals, the Victoria and Albert museums, and Spitalfields Market. (Or as my dad likes to call it, Spittle).

I know, I’m sure you’re wondering what my favorite part of the weekend was. Well, I won’t make you wait any longer… getting high tea at the Wellesley.

Cheers mate!

Cheers mate!

We’re talking some complimentary Champagne, (still don’t know how we swung that) cucumber sandwiches, mini brioche buns with smoked salmon fresh cream cheese and dill, buffalo mozzarella and sun-dried tomato mini bagels, an assortment of desserts ranging from Red Velvet cake to chocolate moose, some panna cotta, chocolate, raisin and regular scones, and to finish it all off? They gave us an extra desert as a belated birthday gift. It included a candle, so how could Laura and I turn it down? le sigh, I am still full thinking about it. Oh, and did I mention the lovely tea? My mom, dad and I ordered the Churchill blend, a yummy vanilla and basic tea flavor that was perfect, while my twister (twin sister-duh) proved her adventurous personality and went for the vanilla toffee, which she loved.

The first round

The first round

Needless to say, high tea at the Wellesley is a must when visiting London. Just make sure that you don’t eat for the week after, because I’m pretty sure my blood sugar and waistband went up. ha ha. But actually, insulin is my favorite.

On a completely different and randomly hilarious note, my roommate is discussing self-tanning, and I hear her say, “I did my ass cheeks and they look amazing.” Bravo world, now you can go to sleep happy. (before you freak out, she gave me permission to say that).

Stay on the lookout for a post next week on Stonehenge and perhaps a fashionable friend of the month.

Stay warm classy and beautiful people



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