Rocking and Rolling and Crawling

Hi hey there hello! This week’s adventures featured a pub crawl and showed me rural England, on a trip to Stonehenge and Salisbury (like the steak- didn’t have any there but I did have a nice “Sunday Roast”- nom).

The drive from Stonehenge to Salisbury is beautiful, with rolling hills of green grass and farmland, even some sheep scattered about the landscape. We managed to get a little turned around thanks to the GPS, and happened upon some lovely little towns along the way.

We also saw the gorgeous Salisbury Cathedral. That place is huge and so beautiful–I have a thing for some stained glass, it’s beautiful! Le sigh, gets me every time.

Oh right, we actually saw Stonehenge too. It’s really quite amazing physically and conceptually. Although people can no longer wander about the stones, but instead must gaze on from a distance, the land and structure itself exudes a kind of mystically beauty despite the distance and limiting wires. Overall, I think Stonehenge is a must see, despite what some people might say about it being overrated and touristy–I mean, yes it is touristy, but isn’t that the point of seeing something like that? I mean, no one heads to Stonehenge thinking, oh hey, I’ll go see this unheard of beauty that no one really knows about and I just happened upon it while I was gallivanting around the English countryside.

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Any who, I digress.

Next weekend I take a trip to Dublin to visit some friends and maybe find the luck of the Irish. I’ll see what I can do.

Also, My friends and I pub crawled around Camden–which was amazing and I cannot wait to do another crawl. Long live liquor, and long live the Queen. That is all.

Stay beautiful and warm



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