The Luck of the Irish, Oxford Chaps, a Palace…and another Crawl

WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE?! Okay, sorry for yelling at you, I know, it’s not your fault. It’s not you, it’s me.

Ok I’ll get it together. Reeling it in. Also it’s sinking in that I will be a senior, and only have 1 year of college left with all of you beautiful friends that are reading this in Beantown… which means 1 more year of freedom before the real world… deep breaths.

Now that i’ve recuperated from my minor break down, let’s discuss the amazing adventures of the last days/weeks (really I do not know what time is anymore) since my last post.

I went to Dublin last weekend, explored the neighboring sea town of Howth. Let me tell you, Howth is gorgeous. Beautiful. Friendly people and beautiful views make the city a must-see. Spending time with amazing friends also helped the overall experience. Ireland truly is a magical place.

This weekend I went to Oxford and Blenheim Palace, pretended I was a distant relative of the Churchill family, and that this indeed was my palace. Alas, no one believed me. Apparently a last name of Goldman does not sound British. Who knew?

But let me tell you peeps, this  palace oozes opulence. The chandeleir dripping in crystals from the second story ceiling to eye level of the main floor, the house seems to form around the chandelier. Gorgeous paintings hang in every room lined with plush carpets and gold and silver accents. Even the ceiling in the dining room has a Michaelangelo-esque mural. And the gardens! Don’t even get me started about that landscape, or the manmade lake. Let’s just say that I can totally picture Mr. Darcy’s house being based off of this palace. Le sigh- Mr. Darcy. Wow, I’m a nerd. This is real this is me. Take me as I am.

After a day full of beautiful countryside and history, my friends, including a friend from Home visiting from Athens where he’s studying abroad this term, and I decided to do yet another pub crawl–this time in Shoreditch. Fun times all around. 5 star weekend folks.

Stay posted for another post in a week or so about my trip to Scotland next week. I know, you are all clearly waiting at the edge of your seats to hear about my many adventures.

But for reals, do I have to go back? London has stolen my heart and my money…. and I have to say, I don’t hate it.

Stay proper ladies and gents



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