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Hi hello, what’s new? It’s been a while since my last post, but honestly the job search is a full time job these days, if you know what I mean. Also, I’ve been doing some freelancing for my hometown magazine, which also requires a chunk of my time. Anywho, apparently the post-grad life is a tad busier than I had originally expected.

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Fashionable Friend of the Month: Tiffany

Have you ever looked around and realized that you’re surrounded by beautiful people? Maybe it’s just the fact that my friends are all gorgeous, on the inside and out (obvi), but I think that these kids are some of the best the world has to offer.

Not to mention some of their killer style; it’s been a while since I shifted focus and put the spotlight on them and their outfits. See for yourself this week with Tiffany.

Her timeless silhouettes combined with edgy prints and pops of color are what make Tiffany’s style more precious than a Tiffany’s little blue box. Not to mention her flawless makeup and attention to accessories. I mean check out that bag and sunglasses! Le sigh. This is real this is Tiffany, and she’s pretty damn fabulous if you ask me.

Check out her two looks below, and even more photos at the end of the post.

Look 1

Coat: J.O.A via Nasty Gal

Sweater: Missguided


Collared shirt: Ann Taylor

Skirt: Topshop


Shoes: Michael Kors (everyone loves a good sale)

Look 2


Bomber jacket: Zara Mens

T-shirt: Brandy Melville

Bag: Chanel


Jeans: Topshop

Sunglasses: Gentle Monster

Sneakers: Nike


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Hope you enjoyed this month’s fashionable friend, and check back in two weeks for a recap of my Spring Break 2k16 in Puerto Rico (oh em gee so excited).

Stay warm, classy, sassy and beautiful people!


Florida Fashion: Lauren Miley


Every state has a different take on winter style. As a Florida born gal, (why did I just say gal?) growing up in the *freezing* 50 degree winters, I thought I knew how to dress for the cold.

I moved to Boston 18 years later, and basically froze (my heart- jk lol, my hair, you name it, I froze it). But for those of you reading this blog in Florida, I thought, hey I have friends who are cute and keep it fresh down here below the Mason Dixon Line, where our cold fronts consist of a shivery 55 degrees.

Enter my friend Lauren, a 22-year-old senior at Florida Southern College, nicknamed ‘Smilez’ because of her last name… and her, well, smiling.

While Lauren was born in Illinois, she’s lived in the Sunshine State for the last six years. After Lauren raked in some Christmas clothing goodies, we decided a photo shoot was in order.

Please sit back with some hot coco if you’re up North, and some sunscreen if you’re in Florida, and enjoy these sunny pics I took of one of my best friends at Mandarin Park in good old Jacksonville, Florida.

And no, we did not intend this photo shoot to be a Ray Ban add, just a happy bonus.


Jacket: Stein Mart

Jeans: Target

Tank: J Crew

Booties & Necklace: Express

Sunnies: Ray Ban

IMG_2672 (1)IMG_2794IMG_2716


Smiles for days

IMG_2841 (1)

Hope you enjoyed this post and random array of pics.

Stay classy, sassy and beautiful people!


Falling into Fashion

I want to take a minute to say that I hope every reader is safe and sound reading from their homes right now, surrounded by the ones you love, and for those who have lost so much, I hope you find peace.

In the wake of all that is happening out there in the big bad world, I thought i’d lighten things up with a post on fall fashion- specifically my favorite pieces this season. I know what you’re thinking: winter is coming, why is this chick talking about fall? Answer: because many of this season’s key pieces can transition into the next season. Also, better late than never, amiright?

As usual, my paparazzi aka the amazing Cara Difabio took all of these pictures pro bono so throwing some major love her way.

If you’ve seen me around campus during the oddly warm Boston weather these past few weeks, odds are that I was wearing the below vest, courtesy of Nordstrom Rack. It’s soft, warm and definitely worth the purchase. Don’t worry haters, it’s faux.


It’s magic

I’m really into neutrals this season, because I tend to go for a bold lip and texture-patterned sweater to spice things up a bit. The pattern derives form the different textures of the sweater, so it’s not overpowering with the vest.

The jeans are dark wash from Joe Fresh, beanie Forever 21, sweater H&M (i think?) Hair: magic. This photo is either evidence of my powers to levitate, or Cara’s latest use of a new high-powered lens. You decide.


The look goes from day to night with this Forever 21 leather jacket.


This sweater may give me no shape, but lately I’m super into shopping in the Men’s section for the whole sweater life. This particular snugg sweater can be found at Urban Outfitters.

No shame, this is real this is me. It’s soft, extra large and completely warm. In the colder days I’ll throw this sweater on over my fleece-lined leggings and snow boots with my snow jacket. Boom, just made that a winter outfit! Take that. These boots are actually from an impromptu stop at Kohl’s during a road-trip to visit the twin.


Throw a leather jacket over it to give it a little shape and ‘tude. Sometimes I like to pretend I’m badass. El oh el.

These pieces themselves might not be too fall, but with the addition of the maroon beanie and lipstick, these outfits constitute some of my fall essential looks.

Anywho, hope you enjoyed this fall fashion update. Special thanks again to Cara for being an awesome photog and an even better friend.

Check out more pics below.

Stay warm classy and sassy beautiful people and have a Happy Thanksgiving for those Americans reading!


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Back to School

Well… I’m back in Boston for my last school year as an undergrad at Boston University. Needless to say, let the panic commence. While my peers spent yesterday prepping their books and notepads while simultaneously color coding their upcoming schedule/calendar (no? just me?) I spent the hot afternoon modeling some of my favorite back to school inspired outfits while my amazingly talented friend Cara snapped some pics (you can check out her insane work/website here) and got me giggling- because those of you who know me can attest to my innate awkwardness in front of a camera. Must be the journalist in me- el oh el.

Anywho, please sit back and enjoy these photos that were in all truth a labor of love from a good friend and an even better photographer, and feel free to laugh at me (lord knows I am still laughing at some of these).

Outfit #1 is for the hot climate kids, or really anyone wanting to show a little leg in class.


Shorts and Top: H&M

Sandals: Joe Fresh

Sunnies: Free People

Expression: This is real this is me.

For the cold classes, or perhaps feeling a tad bit demure, throw on an oversized sheer sweater (like this one I “borrowed” from a good friend- sorry Linds).


Close up of the shorts/my manicure:


Styling Backpack/short hair don’t care (kind of care tbh): Steve Madden


Outfit #2 is an ode to boyfriend/girlfriend jeans (this is 2015 people):


Top: JCrew Outlet

Jeans: H&M

Necklace: JCrew (thanks becca!)

tip: for the right boyfriend/girlfriend jean, go for one with not too many holes/patchwork holes, that way you can wear them year round/get your $$ worth. Also, be careful with the wash- too light looks like you stole your dad’s jeans circa 2001/Adam Sandler called and he wants his jeans back.

DSC_3891 DSC_3946

Let senior year begin! I wish you all the best and hope this year is a great one. Please scroll down to watch the slide show of all of the other winning pics Cara took, and don’t forget to check out her website. Please comment below with thoughts/ideas on upcoming posts.

Stay classy, sassy and bright peeps.


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