Back at it

Back to school. SO many freshman. As I sit in the student union doing some creeptastic people watching, while avoiding my already growing pile of homework, I realize that this is my third year in Boston. Three years in this beautiful city.

A good friend reminded me this morning of how much i’ve changed since coming to college. I am no longer the naive wide-eyed girl from the Florida-Georgia line. I’m a big city girl who survived heartbreak, time away from my family- yes my twister, a summer in New York and now diabetes (well that one’s still a work in progress). Everyone changes with time; when I look at my friends from high school I see the evidence of time. The friends that we keep, the friends that we make and the people that we meet all alter our personalities, perception and experiences in life.

I’m really lucky to have the people in my life that I do, especially here in Boston.

I digress. Anywho, side-note, look at dat view doe from my window. Thanks bean town. Here’s to a great year ladies and gents!




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