Fashionable Friend of the Month: Sarah Buechler

I hope all is well with all of you lovely peeps. Sorry it’s been a while since the last post, with the school year underway and my internship, I’ve been uber busy. But enough about me.

This post centers on one of my most fashionable friends. Now that I’m back in the Bean, i’m reminded of my friends’ ¬†amazing fashion sense. This time, the Fashionable Friend of the Month is none other than the queen herself, Sarah Buechler. With her sassy stance and equally sass-tastic hair, Sarah seemed an obvious choice. Also, she’s one of my favorite people in the world.

Her hobbies include: Singing HSM songs with me while doing our Tyra super-model stomp down Comm Ave., all things fashion, watching Shaq youtube videos (I’m not kidding) and just being beautiful. Oh she’s smart too.

Sarah put together these 2 ensembles, from day to night, from casual to work, from work to the bar, she’s got ya covered.

“I get my fashion inspiration from different ‘looks’. I love choosing a style and basing an entire outfit around it. One day I may be ultra-feminine, the next day professional looking, the next a casual laid back style. There are so many different ways to dress, I can’t choose just one! My go-to would probably be described as old-fashioned girly with dresses and flats. But it all depends on what vibe I’m channeling!”

Girl, we are deff feeling those vibes. ‘Twerk it.

All items purchased from Madewell.



But that smile is all her.

Feel free to comment with any post suggestions.

XOXO Stay Classy


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