The In Between (Boston and London edition)

The view from my dorm.

The view from my dorm.

With a flip of my (extremely long at this point) hair, the fall semester of my junior year at BU appears to be over. After a semester of literal blood, sweat, and tears, I have to say this ending seems more bitter sweet than others.

Being a junior in college is great. You know who your friends are, you’ve declared your major, you’re on your way to becoming…well, a real person. So to end a semester filled with friends and fun, pack everything up into (6!) boxes and move out of your comfort zone of beautiful Boston to study abroad in London–seems a little terrifying to say the least.

Anywho, my family packed me up and moved me out of my dorm of two years at BU, to return next fall–my senior year of college. Let me repeat, I will not return to Boston until my senior year of college. Let that sink in. While that is only 9 months away, that is insane to think that the next school year I spend in Boston will be my last as an undergrad.

I feel like just yesterday I stepped off of the plane at Logan Airport into the tundra of possibilites that Boston holds. Now, I find myself two and a half years older, substantially wiser (in my opinion), diabetic, and with a whole new outlook on life.

Life isn’t always the perfect creme brulee. I am finding that perhaps, it’s those low moments (in blood sugar and life) that define us. Maybe, those lows make the highs all the better, make the good times shine brighter than the shadows of the darkest days. (Wait, were those song lyrics?)

Although I miss my amazing friends already, I cannot wait to make new ones in London, and explore a country new to me. I cannot wait to travel and taste and see new things. I cannot wait to meet new people. I cannot wait for tea and crumpets and accents! London seems like a new page–not an end to an old book, but more like a new chapter to an ever-growing novel.

This is real, this is me, these are my thoughts. el oh el.

Happy Holidays everyone! Expect a few more posts before I hop across the pond (as they say).

Stay classy! To my friends up north, stay warm!



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