In a New York Minute

Happened upon this piece of truth in Chelsea today

Happened upon this piece of truth in Chelsea today

Hi hey there hello. So sorry it’s been a while since my last post–i’ve been running around New York faster than Mary Kate and Ashley in a New York Minute (stop rolling your eyes, I know you got the reference). Take today for example, I slept in until 12 (basically a first for me- who am I?!) and managed to have brunch, go shopping, go to a friend’s birthday gathering and am writing this as I am about to run out the door for dinner plans. Ew that felt like bragging… I mean more like, can I take a nap?

The more time I spend in New York, the more that feeling of being in the right place sinks in. You know the feeling I’m talking about? That one where you’re walking down 8th avenue in Chelsea, smiling just because you’re here? It’s amazing how you can go your whole life blissfuly unaware of what is to come, and how amazing another place with new people can be. I miss all of my Boston, London, and Jacksonville friends an inordinate amount as usual–but find myself feeling more long term on this New York adventure.

Whenever I think of myself graduating college next year (still projectile vomiting at the thought of being a functioning, tax paying-although I’m a Dem so not angry about that haha), jury-duty going member of society, a part of me freezes in terror, while the other screams a resounding “hell yeah,” kind of like Lizzie McGuire’s (probably crazy) inner dialogue. Someone should have really sent Hillary Duff to a therapist on that show. I mean, having a caricature of yourself on your shoulder should probably not serve as an aspiration for the malleable adolescent brains watching the Disney Channel. Any who, I digress.

Now that I’m starting to come to terms with the small time I have left in college with the loons I love called my friends, I realize how transient it all really is. I know I mentioned this in a few posts prior to leaving London, and probably after, but I think this year really taught me that not much lasts forever, and that is actually a great thing. I love being young, wild and free (now that song is stuck in your head hehe) and I love New York City.

After my first 2 weeks at my undisclosed fashion editorial internship, the realness of New York seems so much more tangible. I work with people that inspire me along with millions of other girls. I want to be equals with my bosses. I aspire to make my stitch in the fabric of the fashion future. I cannot wait to see what the future holds, and the more I think about it and entertain the idea of moving here a year from now, I also want to hold on to the present and enjoy every second with the crazies that I love.

Sorry if this post was a bunch of rambling nonsense, but I mean it’s been a while and this is real this is me (sorry Demi).

Look out for next week’s post!

Stay classy and don’t forget your sunblock you classy people!



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