The Girls’ Room

Hi there trusty follower.s Wow it’s been forever and a day since my last post. Apologies to one and all. I’ve been busy werkin, but don’t worry I have not forgotten about you! This post will be written in a similar form as the answer to the prompt: How did you spend your  [fall] vacation?

Shall we begin?

This past weekend the gang of 7+ years (minus Aly–we missed you!) reunited in the concrete jungle for some classic squad shenanigans, and a few pics. Because let’s be honest, pics or it didn’t happen, #amiright?


From left to right: Me, Alex, Lauren, Mckayla and Virginia

We spent the weekend reminiscing, eating and seeing the sights, and did I mention eating? Also walking. I think I walked 30k steps-no joke.

Before the giggles and dancing I had quite the Friday morning thanks to Omnipod. My insulin pump PDM (the brain of the device that uses Bluetooth to communicate with the part that gives me insulin) decided to break. Like…completely break, rendering my pump useless. I somehow managed to remain somewhat calm and even laugh at the situation–making me believe that I am extremely well adjusted, or have finally lost my mind (thinking the latter). Thankfully the Dr. on call at my Endocrinologist’s office walked me through everything. She sent an urgent request to CVS for insulin injection pens to use until Omnipod could deliver my new PDM the next day.

While I find the concept of my pump failing extremely disturbing, I will say that Omnipod stepped up and walked me through everything, even overnighting the replacement so I only went 24 hours without my pump and administering injections.

Moral of-always be prepared with back up syringes and insulin in case this happens. Now, before you go rolling your eyes at the fact that I didn’t have the necessary equipment, I did have most of the necessary items. Like, insulin… luck just had the insulin expire this month. Meaning I couldn’t use it. Meaning el oh el at the way life works sometimes. But, silver lining? I have a whole new appreciation for the life saving technology that is my insulin pump.

That saga aside, I spent the weekend with some of my longest and best friends  (shoutout to Alex who is an ICU nurse and came in clutch) from Florida. It really makes me appreciate the friendships I have, knowing that after months apart, so little things have changed other than the miles apart.


Meet Virginia

Anywho, I have to get up early for a Spring shoe preview, which you can check out soon on Vamp. (Sorry not sorry about the shameless plug).

Please enjoy these pictures of my besties and me, enjoying fall in NYC. Come back soon bbs. (Names are listed from left to right in slideshow)

Stay classy, sassy and beautiful!


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